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Any great restaurants in Wrightsville/Wilmington?

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going on vacation to wrightsville and want to know of great places for breakfast/lunch and dinner.

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  1. Try doing a search and you'll find lots of suggestions. South Beach Grill is a great lunch or dinner spot at WB. In downtown Wilmington Catch and Circa 1922 are wonderful

    1. Read here.....http://www.chowhound.com/topics/507203

      1. Wrightsville Beach restaurants can be hit or miss in the busy summer season. Try the smaller places without the views. Causeway Cafe for breakfast. Dockside for lunch and South Beach for dinner would be my suggestion.

        1. When we're in Wilmington, we do lunch at Catch and dinner (usually all appetizers) at DeLuxe. Chef at Deluxe owns and works at Catch during the day. We love his food and consider him our personal chef when we're at Wrightsville Beach. He doesn't disappoint.