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Jul 20, 2008 12:30 AM

Springfield to KC to STL to Chicago - roadtrip recs please !

Looking for top recs for best food and best bars on a 7 day baseball road trip which includes

Springfield - one night only - just flown in from UK on a Sunday and going to see Sliders baseball team ( and staing 10 ins away from the ground ) - where for beers and food after that ? Anywhere decent for late Sunday night beers in particular ?

Kansas City - three nights staying in Westport so looking for quitessential KC eateries or cuisine, 'do not miss' or 'bizarre but great' places and of course where are best places for a beer ot two early in the week

St Louis - one night only - catching a lunchtime Cardinals game ( how is the food at the ball park ? ) and then one night on the town before heading

Up route 66... ( any standouts ? any take a picture but do not eat here places ? ). to

Chicago - 3 nights ( Fri - Mo ) - I will post separately on Chicago board but any recs re do not miss places welcome.

To help narrow things down we are keen on microbreweries with great food , unique places we will only find where we are staying, places that will cater well to my veggie colleague as well as having great burgers for me and bars which are not full of college kids ( we are late 30s) but which are lively /trendy though not too up themselves. Anything quirky ( like the polka bar in MPLS we visited last year on a chowhound rec ) would be fantastic.

Oh and anywhere in this area serve Purple Haze by Abita ?

Happy to narrow down further if that would help !

Thanks in advance for your help....

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  1. I saw Purple Haze on tap at the Flying Saucer in the Power and Light District in KC.

    1. When are you in Springfield?? Sunday's are dead. Otherwise I have some recs....The new Busch stadium has the worst food by far of any stadium ever. I've been to 25+ parks and the food there is worse than gas station microwave before the game.

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        We are in Springfield for one night - Sunday 3 August ! Any ideas at all ?

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          I second the Goose Island rec from below...order off the menu, sometimes they have gameday 'buffets'---stay away.

          As far as Springfield goes, the Brewhaus (617 E Washington St) has a great beer selection and the food is not bad. The best food options are closed on Sunday, but there are a few spots: Coz's has great Oizza and a decent bottle selection---they are on the other side of town though and they close at 11pm.

          Let me chew on it a bit longer.....

      2. When in KC, you gotta try their BBQ. Arthur Bryant's is the best. There are 3 locations, but the original has the most character: 1727 Brooklyn Ave. Don't go at night, though. Not a good area to be in after dark.

        At Busch Stadium, walk around the main floor until you find the vendor that sells Bratzels. Brats wrapped in soft pretzels - YUM.

        1. Is Clary's in Springfield open on Sundays?
          If not, you can always grab Steak n Shake. There's an old one at St. Louis and National.
          It's been a few years since we lived there, but we enjoyed a few good meals and beers at the Springfield Brewing Company. I recall the pretzel app and beer cheese soup as very tasty.

          In St. Louis, I'd stop at Gus' Pretzels and bring a bag and a pretzel brat into the stadium with you! You can bring plastic bottles of soft drinks or water and the food into the stadium if you want. They open early (7am) on Sundays so you can grab that before the game. The stadium food is just ok. I like the garlic fries that you can find at some stands, though.
          You can go with the rest of the crowd to Ted Drewes after the game and get some frozen custard.

          1. When in kc--- go to Grinder's ( they were on diner's drive ins and dives...take a tour at boulevard brewing company....mccoys and blanc burgers &bottles are both delicious and in westport...the drop in martini corner has amazing bruschetta and they're the same owners as Blanc.