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Jul 19, 2008 09:59 PM

Food Festivals--Where do I get the info?

Sorry for flooding chowhound with my questions, but they've got to be answered. I want to know how to find out about food-related festivals (or other ones, if you want) in advance. Is there a website that lists them? Or if you know of a particularly good one, I can start compiling a list of my own. I'm interested in things as broad as a "Taste of Austin" type festival (not sure if that's a Chicago thing or if everyone does it) or as narrow as a rare species of catfish festival.

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  1. or may be your best bet, though neither is devoted only to food-related festivals. Taste of Austin is usually at the end of january. they have a website ( but i doubt they update it until it gets close to the event. and i just found this with google:

    1. What a great idea for a thread - I hope lots of 'hounds will reply so we can get a comprehensive list here on the board. It is so cool the way you have jumped into this - with great questions and reports. Lots of your questions might be answered with use of the search function, or just combing through past posts...back to this topic, here's a few ideas:

      The Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival - Cajun food, music, etc - usually in April -

      Hill Country Food and Wine Festival - - sort of high-falutin' and expensive, but always looks great.

      AsiaFest - doesn't have a web page, but past food vendors have included by Thanh Nhi Restaurant, Austin Chapter of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, Seoul Restaurant, A+ Buffet Restaurant, Charito Banawis, Cebuana Filipino Store

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          Not sure - it was in May this year.

      1. may be helpful, though they tend to only give about a week's notice on such things.

        The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival will be August 24th this year.

        1. St. Elias Mediterranean Festival.......Early October

          1. Speaking of catfish, the Conroe Cajun Catfish festival usually draws 30,000 people to this small community -

            Here's a few others to get you started ...
            Spamarama - usually in April -
            The Cowboy Breakfest - Kicks off the Rodeo each year -
            The Luling Watermelon Thump - just missed this June event -
            Poteet Strawberry Festival -
            State Menudo Cook-off - May 5th each year in San Marcos -
            Wurstfest - New Braunfels hosts the biggest Ocktoberfest in the state -
            Fiesta Oyster Bake each yesr in San Antonio -
            Chilympiad in San Marcos (may now be defunct) is/was a near-by run up to the ginormous Terlingua Chili Cook-off -
            Of course, there are countless Bar-B-Q cook-offs.

            But the best are often the small but heartfelt ethnic festivals that take place on random weekends over at Festival Beach on Town Lake. They usually combine traditional foods with ethnic dances, fashions and plain 'ol socializing. I've had great times and great food when I've stumbled upon a Thai festival, Celtic Festival, Columbian Festival and many more at that location over the years.

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              Great list! Wow - the last part of your post has me all wound up...Columbian Festival?!?!? Next time you stumble on one, let us know!

              Also, the Native American Pow Wow has lots of food - buffalo burgers, navajo is going to be held November 1 this year, at the Toney Burger Center.

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                Where is "Festival Beach on Town Lake"? Google maps says it's just two blocks south of me. I've never seen any festivals in the park and I don't even know where in the park they would have them. Would they be in the little covered area near the pool or across the street in the theater area? TIA. I am PUMPED that this magical wonderland of ethnic food festivals may really exist so close to my home.

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                  Do a search for Fiesta Gardens. It's on Town Lake, north side, east of I-35.