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Jul 19, 2008 09:06 PM

Looking for green tea cake

Looking for green tea cake that's not too sweet to bring for a birthday party in Alameda. Any good bakeries in San Francisco, Oakland, or close to Alameda?

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  1. A similar query on Yelp last year yielded three suggestions: Sheng Kee (various locations), Benkyodo (Japantown) and Cocola Bakery (Westfield Mall).

    Sheng Kee (said to be a mousse cake) would most likely not be too sweet, as Chinese cakes usually are not. The Benkyodo reference may have been to a mochi. Cocola's cake was also said to be a mousse cake.

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      Benkyodo doesn't have cake. The bakery across the street, Yasukochi Sweet Shop has nice, inexpensive cakes that aren't all that sweet (except maybe the coffee crunch cake) but I don't think they have a green tea flavor.

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        I ended up with getting the green tea cake at Sheng Kee on Irving St. (SF). It was a white cake with green tea mousse icing and filling. It was a bitter icing. You really have to like green tea to eat it. It wasn't very sweet. The cake was nice, dense, and light. The children at the party, definitely, didn't like it. The adults didn't eat the icing.

      2. I was in the 99 Ranch building complex this afternoon in Richmond and the pastry shop directly across from the 99 Ranch grocery store has quite a beautiful green tea cake.

        Sorry I don't know the name.

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          I believe that's a Sheng Kee outlet.

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            That would be Sheng Kee. Sogo Bakery inside 99 Ranch also does the green tea mousse cake.

            You can try some of the places in Oakland Chinatown -- not sure if it's something you'd have to order ahead of time though.

            Ruby King Bakery Cafe
            718 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94607

            Napoleon Super Bakery
            810 Franklin St, Oakland, CA

            Sheng Kee Bakery
            3288 Pierce St # C133, Richmond, CA

          2. I just had a slice of green tea cake from the bakery inside Kukje Supermarket in Daly City. It was a pre-cut slice from large sheetcake. Four layers with a little bit of cream between each layer. Mild green tea flavor. Overall it was good but not great.

            1. There are two places I know of that make delicious green tea cake: Sweet Adeline's bakery in Berkeley and Ofelia Desserts (custom caterer) in Berkeley. They're both special orders, so you have to call in to request it, but they are happy to make it and can make it pretty quickly.

              They have different styles, so you might want to try both. Either are really good for a birthday party or special event. I used Sweet Adeline's green tea cake for my wedding and not a crumb was left.

              Sweet Adeline
              3350 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA

              Ofelia Desserts
              Berkeley,CA, Berkeley, CA

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              1. re: zoover

                Where were you when siulan_99 got a yucky cake last July?

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                  It's never too late. I will definitely try it. There's a birthday every year!