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Jul 19, 2008 08:10 PM

No Reports on the Ballfields?!?


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  1. maybe people were swallowed up by the crowds and the waiting in line?

    I had ceviche yesterday, which was the usual deliciousness
    but the new trucks-only set up seems like a big drag to me
    Instead of 6 or 8 people working from tables and grills and coolers, each vendor = two people in a truck. So the waits are going to be looooooong and the vibe is different. : (
    The food is still good - just be prepared for the new scene.

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    1. re: pitu

      we were there yesterday around 2:30. The lines were insane...partly a factor of less vendors (only six trucks) and opening day...I was happy for the vendors that they had a steady stream of customers, but we waited about 45 minutes in line for our huaraches (well worth it though!) Pitu is right...the vibe feels very different...the food is still great...but I missed the more festive scene of the haphazard tables, grills, no longer feels like a market in South America but more like a NY street fair. All the trucks are set up, of course, in the street and so no longer actually in the park. I guess I'll get used to it! Because the lines were so long we only waited on two (I got the watermelon drinks while hubby waited at the Martinez stand for the huaraches and quesadillas.) The Hernandez stand was not there (are they not coming back?) so Martinez was the only taco stand. We really always preferred Hernandez but I'll take what I can get!

      Would have liked a pupusa as well but just couldn't do another long line. The only truck with short lines was the ceviche, and the Salvadorian line wasn't too bad.

      There was only one truck with the fruit drinks, and it wasn't the one we usually had bought from (Sosa) I don't think...they only had a few flavors and one small size. But the watermelon drink was deliciously refreshing while waiting in the 93 degree sun.

      There are several picnic tables set up along the fence in the park. It was great to be back!

    2. 45 minutes is long, but I remember waiting that long last year when the ball fields were in full swing; sad to hear the the lesser taco vendor was the only one there but hopefully, all the others will be finished setting up in the next few weeks. anyone venture over to the baseball fields, further down on Bay Street? wonder if they suffered the same fate; I've had some very good eats there.

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      1. re: bigjeff

        I looked on opening day (since it was such a mess at the main field that we weren't about to wait in another line to get some fruit) - didn't see other vendors at baseball fields

        1. re: pitu

          Yeah, too bad, because they were there the weekend before, all down Columbia Street and the food looked good! It was a nice scene.

          1. re: betsbillabong

            That's good to hear - maybe they'll be back once the fuss dies down

      2. what's the best way to get here, via public transportation?

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        1. Went today. Absolutely was not waiting in the block-long line for huaraches when I haven't had a pupusa in two years (basically, ever since I moved to Prospect Heights)!! Of course, the line for that was quite long as well, so we split a ceviche mixto and a grilled corn while waiting.

          Ceviche was REALLY delicious, although the fish was a little "overcooked." Much firmer than I usually expect in ceviche, but the squid was melt-in-your-mouth.

          The corn was perhaps the best ratio of ingredients I've had...sometimes too much mayo is applied and it gets ridiculously sloppy. I think both juice carts sell it; we got ours from Vaquero.

          Curious if anyone's also had the street-side corn in Sunset Park, which is slightly more convenient for does it compare?

          Pupusas were EXCELLENT, worth waiting for...waiting 2 years for! I had the loroco flower with cheese and the meat with cheese. I tried to be good and not overdose on cheese, but when I asked for "just meat" the order-taker grinned and said "meat AND cheese tastes better!" Now that I've finally satisfied my craving for pupusas, I'm able to let the craving for Salvadorian tamales come forth. I swear I read somewhere that they have empanadas, the Salvadorian version that is a fried ball of sweet plantain eaten with sour cream...but I didn't see it on the menu.

          For people wondering about price changes (this is my first year there so I don't know previous prices): ceviche $8, platter of 2 pupusas $5, corn $3.

          Other general questions:
          -There was a second place selling pupusas, with a significantly shorter line--BUT with a smaller truck and less workers so the time saved is probably not totally proportionate. Has anyone tried it? Is this Soler Domincan (apparently missing opening weekend)? I don't remember what their sign said, except "pupusas."

          -Also, the Guatemalan place and Colombian place both had MUCH shorter lines than everything else. Any particular reasons? One of the photos at the Guatemalan stand reminded me of the Salvadorian empanada but it was called something else. I think this was the Carello stand. Seemed most people going there were getting taquitos (flautas? I've never really known the difference).

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          1. re: NancyC

            Do they still hold late hours? I'm planning on going tomorrow evening.

            1. re: RedVelvet

              Is the Honduran vendor back this year? I really enjoyed their baleadas.

              1. re: lambretta76

                I believe I read on Porkchop Express that they will not be returning. It's funny--when I was in Honduras I ate baleadas purely out of necessity, but did not particularly like them (or any Honduran food). They were sort of like bland, limp quesadillas. But now I am willing to try again, if only the Red Hook vendor came back!