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Jul 19, 2008 07:19 PM

Piranha Killer sushi (Arlington): Sushi perfection

Piranha killer sushi is a small chain (3 locations, 2 in arlington and one in ft worth). It has far and away the best creative, fun, and tasty rolls we have ever had, anywhere. Nobu, kenichi, Tei Tei, Yutaka, dont hold a candle. The chefs combine everything from mulitple sauces, fruit, and very fresh fish (cooked and raw) with aplomb and style. It seemed every roll had at least 3 distinct flavors and 3 distinct textures. The "marry me" and sinister rolls were standouts. Prices are reasonable, especially for the size of the rolls (typically double a normal roll).

Chicken dishes (and rolls) were also great. There are also several desserts--chocolate tower, fried ice cream with dark chocolate and raspberry sauces, and fried bananas ala mode-- that were terrific tasting, large, and fairly priced.

The closest location to us is almost 20 miles and we will make it a regular stop.

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  1. i agree 100%. as a former UTA student, i was a regular and piranha...great sushi, great atmosphere and great prices

    1. Agreed. Sadly, we don't get there much anymore, but when we used to live in Arlington, it was our favorite place to go. Their crunchy tuna roll is still the best I've ever had, even if it is almost too big to fit in my mouth.

      1. Yep. TT has been stating this for many years now. The Green Oaks location in Arlington is always packed and with good reason. Service can be slow, but then perfection takes time.

        1. Some time ago, I dated a girl that lived in Arlington. We went to Piranha several times. I can't recall anything specifically other than I absolutely loved it. Definitely worth visiting.