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Jul 19, 2008 07:19 PM

Huntington Beach Area Suggestions

Looking for reasonably priced, fun, very casual places to eat (breakfast, lunch, and diner) in Huntington Beach. I have a 15 year old boy with me and don't mind traveling to eat (naturally will have a car).

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  1. Do you have any preferences as to types of food? First thing that comes to mind is Ruby's on the pier b/c I think that he might enjoy the view as well as the 'show' of people on the beach. Main Street has many places that you can try including Wahoo's Fish Tacos and sorry, can't remember, but there are some good breakfast places on the West side of the street. Give us some more details and we can give you more ideas.

    1. Just park you car and explore Main St. There are lot of decent but not great spots. I don't know of any great spots other than Izakaya Zero. This place is not all that casual or reasonably priced though.

      You can check out lots of menus before you commit to one place.

      Sugar Shack has a pretty solid breakfast.

      1. Definitely not chowhound territory. Ruby's is a reasonable choice. There's also Harbor House Cafe but you'd need to drive.

        Harbor House Cafes
        16341 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

        1. Keeping the 15 y/o in mind:

          I had some pretty good BBQ at Smokin Mo's some time ago. Good ribs and pulled pork. Close to water and Main St. walking

          I have been going to Zubies Dry Dock for years. Good seafood and very casual.

          Smokin Mo's
          301 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

          Zubies Dry Dock
          9059 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

          1. Sugar Shack is ok for breakfast. But Blackboard Bistro on PCH in Seal Beach is worth the few minutes drive for breakfast. Their hollandaise is very good for a restaurant. If you like Indian food, Bukhara on Edinger Ave. is great, and has a nice buffet for lunch. A hungry 15-year old will at least demolish a plate of Tandoori chicken! You can also try the Bánh mì at Top Baguette (Bolsa & Magnolia in Westminster).

            Unfortunately, HB is kind of a wasteland for good food. Fortunately, some good places are driveable...

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              When my son was 15, he wanted food in massive quantities, nothing fussy, just the food.

              I'd recommend La Capilla on Adams for some great Mexican. Casual with great portions. They do some fantastic authentic Mexican fish dishes for more adult tastes.

              And, again, thinking of a starving 15 y.o (I hope I don't get flamed for this) but my kids always enjoyed Claim Jumper on Brookhurst and Talbert. Absolutely nothing chowish about it, but ample portions for the Boy. He'd probably enjoy one their massive hamburgers.

              1. re: Uberfiend

                After years of eating at various places in the Old Town Seal Beach area, we finally tried Blackboard Bistro for breakfast Saturday. I had read several mentions of it on this board, but also found other comments/critques elsewhere. I'd have to give a 50/50 split - the coffee was good, and came fresh and piping hot (thanks to our server Abigail) in wide, thick mugs which seemed to keep the coffee hot a bit longer than average - nice. Hubby ordered a breakfast with biscuits and gravy, which he liked a lot. I chose the "special" seafood omelette, which ran about $12. I ordered mine with the fruit option instead of potatoes - and requested just the watermelon, which though a little on the pale side was wonderfully sweet that morning. The sourdough toast was good, typical s.d. toast, but came with "homemade" jam according to Abigail, and it was tasty. Sadly, the "omelette" did not live up to my expectations - although it was large and chock full of seafood (what kind? couldn't tell), the egg part was heavy (and looked that way on presentation) and pretty much rendered it tastless (some of the "critiques" I'd read commented on just this issue - tastelessness of some items). Instead of folding the omelette around the seafood, it was all mixed throughout the eggs, and the only distinct part was the nicely melted cheese inside, which didn't add much flavor either. However, when I asked for some cocktail sauce (there was nothing on top of the omelette to give it appeal or flavor) Abigail was in top form - though they didn't have cocktail sauce, she quickly concocted some right at the table for me - from a creamy horseradish sauce and ketchup. That made the omelette edible, and I managed to eat nearly all of it. We were there for breakfast about ten, and after that omlette, I was full until evening and we had dinner about 7! We will go again and try something else - recommendations please? As for the seafood omlette, I've tried several at various places recently, and my favorite was at O'Malleys on Main. There they wrap the omlette around the seafood and there is a bit of cream cheese inside too - which made it really yummy.