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Jul 19, 2008 07:06 PM

Cannoli cookies

recently had these delicious cannoli cookies packaged in clear container at someone's bbq...the label said, i think maria taralli, inc or maria tarelli, inc...& i think they had an address of west babylon, long island, ny...has anyone ever had these addictive cookies or is familiar with this company or bakery?

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  1. I saw them in Ivarone's in Wantagh

    1. They are called Tre Colonne from Maria Taralli. I bought them at Pasta Time on Rte 107 in Massapequa. I found your post because I am searching for a recipe to try and duplicate them. Good to know Iavarrone Bros. has them as well.

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        Can you describe them in great detail?? Would live to try to make - don't get to the island much. Thx!

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          Were you every able to obtain a recipe for the cookies? I just picked up a container from a local Italian grocery store here in Wisconsin and LOVED the cookies. I have searched everywhere for this recipe that calls for the ricotta cheese in it. Any luck finding it? If so, would you be so kind to pass it on?

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            I also bought these at Iavarone's in Wantagh, and they are unfreakinbelievable! I have been searching for a recipe and haven't found one. Have you had any luck? The closest I found is here: and here:

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              1. I realize this is a pretty old post, but wonder if the recipe was ever found? I, too, have fallen in love with this cookie and have found a recipe that might be pretty close.


                I hope someone will post if they've either tried the above or have already found the recipe. Thanks!

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                  I've never made them but I found this recipe, not sure if they are what you were thinking of, the cookies in the picture in this recipe look flatter then what I have seen before. I remember them almost looking like pignoli cookies.