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Jul 19, 2008 06:14 PM

The Burger Pit - by far the best burger on way to cottage

A couple of weeks a go, I read an article in the National Post about the best burger joints on the way to the cottage. A place called the Burger Pit had a great review. I had passed the place (on hwy 11 between barrie and orillia) in the past, but never stopped as my wife and i always go to Webers.

Last night, my wife and I decided to try them out. I must say, we enjoyed by far the best burgers we have had in a very long time. The burgers are fresh, homeade and so very juicy. My wife had the rings and I got the fries to go with it. The oil was fresh and both items were very crispy and tasy.

If you are heading up to the cottage next weekend, I recommend you try this place out.


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  1. that's a good rec,do you have a website/address/driving directions? it's on the way to my cottage if it's barrie area....

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        The address is actually 5 Booth Street, but it is right on Hwy 11. When I google mapped it, it is between the 10th and 11th line of Oro-medonte on hwy 11, about 8 km before orillia.

      2. I went to Weber's for the last time a few years ago. There's nothing to their frozen burgers and fries that makes the lineups worth it. I'm heading up in a couple weeks, I'll try to get the crew to veer off for a stop there.

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          Weber's is only popular because it became a family tradition in a stretch where there wasn't much else. We've mainly avoided it on the way to Muskoka to the cottage, as the burgers are garbage and the lines are long.

          The Burger Pit is significantly better in all respects, so if you really want a burger (juicy, char-grilled) on the way up to the cottage, I'd recommend it over Weber's as well.

          I usually just wait until I get up to the cottage and grill up some delicious burgers though...

        2. The Burger Pit does have a great burger. Quite a few years ago there used to be a burger joint at the same location called Dino’s Burger Pit. I’m not sure if the current owner is related to Dino. The only thing I can say for Weber’s is that they grill over charcoal. Unfortunately the amount of time their paper thin burgers stay on the grill doesn’t allow the meat permeate the charcoal flavor. Also try Barrie Burger. The 157 Essa Road location is just off the highway. Their bacon burger is spectacular. They don’t use strips of bacon they use nice smoky back bacon. If you want to kick it up notch ask the grill jockey to put an egg over easy on top. The restaurant is licensed so if you can’t wait to get to the cottage you can crack into a few beers there