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Jul 19, 2008 05:53 PM

Name your favorite Pittsfield MA area restaurants...

We will be spending about a week in the Pittsfield area and would really appreciate low-medium priced recs for lunch and/or dinner.

We enjoy American, seafood, Chinese, and Italian food...but are open to anything else you might feel is enjoyable.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. All of these are in Pittsfield. Trattoria Rustica (McKay St) is good for Italian Reservations are recommended this time of year. It is in a lovely space with lots of exposed bick and an outdoor courtyard.

    Brix (West St) is a charming wine bar with a limited but tasty menu and an unbelievable wine selection. If you are interested in wine, have a talk with the owner, who is very knowledgeable and happy to share.

    On July 30, what used to be Spice (North St) is reopening as Jae's Spice. Jae Chung owns several Asian restaurants in Berkshire County and in Boston. The former Spice took a lot of criticism before closing for prices too high for the area (and perhaps the food), but Jae's has announced that entrees will cost between $9 and $19. We have enjoyed Jae's (great innovative fried rice dishes, good sushi) in Williamstown, North Adams, and Chestnut Hill. It will be interesting to see how the new Jae's Spice plays out.

    1. Only for dinner, but it opens at 4 pm: The Dragon, or Kim's Dragon, on Route 20 on the way to Hancock Shaker Village. Food is Vietnamese/Chinese/Thai; portions are gigantic; it gets crowded so get there early; no ambiance but great food and hungry people enjoying it. For lunch, if you're in Stockbridge, there's Once Upon a Table, charming, tiny, down a little mews/alley off Main Street. Reserve! (Also good for dinner, when the menu changes from salads, quiches, etc. to dinner entrees.) BTW, Rustica is considered top-notch by many, but the prices are also top-notch, so check it out on line first. If you like ethnic (Colombian, in this case) there's a small place on Tyler Street called La Fogata which has many admirers. Also Cafe Reva, on Tyler Street further West, near Route 7. Breakfast and lunch only, also tiny and filled with hungry people; excellent value and really good food. Chef Aura is a graduate of CIA so food level is way upscale from the surroundings.

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        I second the recommendation for The Dragon. Excellent Vietnamese food (great spring rolls!), though I've read reviews that called the menu "pan-asian." The restaurant is now run by one of founder Kim Van Huynh's sons. Another son, Hung, was the winner of Top Chef Season 3 (Bravo TV). Good food seems to be a family tradition.