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Jul 19, 2008 05:43 PM

Lotus of Siam - Menu Recommendations?

We're in from Canada next week and have made reservations for Tuesday night. I've been skimming through the reviews and am a little panicked as some recent comments are less than stellar...
That said, I cannot "not" go...the lure of such legendary Thai food is just too much!!

So - hoping I can rely on fellow foodies to make some suggestions for us. I'm into quite hot - but my hubby is less a "medium" spice level would be sufficient...(my hot sauce on the side!). We eat everything but are less likely to order fish...shrimp being the exception to that. My husband loves Pad Thai, but it seems the noodle dishes are not as impressive...

I've heard about the sausage/crispy rice dish and am intrigued...let's assume you had to choose an appetizer, plus 2, possibly 3 mains and sharing a dessert. What would you recommend?

Thanks...looking forward to your thoughts!

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  1. For apps I like Sai Oua (Northern Style Sausage), beef jerky, tom kah kai soup & thai beef salad. Entrees I like the crispy duck with chili mint leaves, salmon panang (i think you can get the panang curry with duck, chicken, beef or seafood), drunken noodle sea bass(my fav). Dessert got the go with sticky rice with mango.

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      Thanks so much - looking forward to trying...! This trip is all about the food and I'm hoping this one is the highlight!!!

    2. softshell crab salad (often had special), don't miss the coconut ice cream & sticky rice.

      1. I've eaten at LOS five times in the last five days, with about 25 different people, and about that many dishes. I wouldn't worry about LOS going downhill. Indeed, I find it remarkably consistent. I think I'm the first Chowhound to ever eat at LOS, and although many aspects of the experience have changed, the quality of the food itself tends to stay at the same level, in my experience.

        Luckily, Saipin keeps experimenting and some of her new creations are superb.

        I've raved about the hoh mok plar, many times, and I love catfish, but I have to concede it is even better with sea bass. The hoh mok sea bass is my current obsession; it is simply one of the best fish dishes I've ever eaten. If it's your first time, I do think you should order the crispy rice, another salad (larb? northern larb? green papaya salad? beef salad?), perhaps one of the barbecues (beef? whole catfish?), and at least one item off the northern menu (khao soi? pork stew?).

        Another new off-menu item is the somtom sea bass, a green papaya salad with huge chunks of sea bass, along with red grapes, matchsticks of green apple, and perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes.

        1. For me, the perfect meal is the crispy rice/sour sausage appetizer, Thai beef salad, sticky rice and mango for dessert and a Thai iced tea. Heaven!!

          1. Whatever you do, do not have the lunch buffet there. Order off the menu. The buffet is mediocre.