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Jul 19, 2008 05:06 PM

Where to buy a stovetop milk steamer?

Hello all,

I've trawled around online for sometime without any success, so it seems like it's about time to see if anyone knows of a store where my quest for a milk steamer can end.

I'm looking for a stovetop milk steamer for espresso drinks. I've read about them, and know they exist, but all the online listings I can find for them expired a few years ago. Can anyone suggest somewhere I might be able to buy one of these units in Toronto?


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  1. Not sure the difference between a "steamer" and a "frother" or if they are the same. I bought a stovetop milk frother at the housewares store in the St. Lawrence Market. It's on the top floor, pretty much in the exact centre of the market. They have a varied selection of frothers alongside their stovetop espresso makers. Until I went there I had also had a difficult time finding one of these; many stores had frothers but they were glass/plastic and not suitable for heating, and I don't understand who'd want cold milk in their latte, etc.

    Mine is stainless steel except for the plastic handle. You heat a few inches of milk in it on the stove burner until it starts to steam (but not boil); then you take it off the heat and pump the plunger up and down for 30 seconds or so; finally you let it sit another minute or so to thicken. It doesn't make 100% authentic fine foam like in a real espresso shop (you won't be doing any latte art, that's for sure) but it's a pretty decent alternative to spending $100s or $1000s on fancy equipment. The frother was about $30-40 if I recall.

    Here's a photo of something similar to what I got at the SLM:

    Some of the housewares stores in Corsa Italia (St. Clair West) or Little Italy (College St. West) would probably also sell these.

    1. Try the Aeroccino Frother from Nespresso. Not even stovetop - you just put in the milk and plug it in!

      1. This is a picture of the kind of unit I'm hoping to find:

        (Yes, I've already tried those links, I'm afraid.



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          Have you tried Sasmart in Kensington Market? They always seem to have the most unexpected and in many cases, obscure things kicking around the store. And hey, it's fun to just wander around in there.

          There's also Faema up at Christie/Dupont, they might be able to help you.

          If all else fails, ask at the coffee place that opened up in the old TD Bank at Bathurst and Bloor.

          1. re: escoffier

            Is that at Brunswick and Bloor? If so, it is not in their equipment list. Golda's has several; only one stove top, on back order:

        2. Go to Rustic Bakery on Rustic and Culford (keele and lawrence area). All kinds of stove top espresso pots and milk frothers - they even have a juventus espresso pot! Not sure of the make but you can also purchase a stovetop espresso pot that also froths milk.

          I use my stovetop milk frother daily.