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Jul 19, 2008 04:39 PM

Paperfish in LA?

Has anyone been to Paperfish in L.A.? I am generally not a fan of chain restaurants and this one is owned by the Patina Group. I used to enjoy this restaurant in it's prior life when it was Maple Drive, and am wondering what it is like now. If anyone has tried it out, I'd love to hear a report.

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  1. I dined there once and really enjoyed it. It was a couple months ago so I'm unable to recall specific dishes, only that the seafood was fresh and delicious. When I went the place was empty and that's worrisome. Would definitely go back though.

    1. It was very good when it opened and received a lot of hype. Irene V. from the LA Times gave it a horrible review and they fired the chef. In my opinion that ws the beginning of the end. I havent heard anything about it in ages and is empty most of the time now.