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Jul 19, 2008 03:15 PM

Seasoned Pork chops--what exactly does this mean?

I'm confused by this term.
What exactly is added to pork chops when they are labelled as "seasoned pork chops"

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  1. It refers to pork that has been injected with a water-salt-sodium phosphate solution to season the meat and improve juiciness. It tends to exude a lot more moisture during cooking, so you're usually paying more for less actual meat. And it tastes better, I think, to brine it yourself if necessary. Just go for the non-seasoned stuff if you can find it.

    1. I don't know this to be fact, but I've seen it in the case of pork tenderloin, I figured it meant something to do with salt to extend shelf life, I wouldn't buy it...

      1. The pork board encourages big suppliers to season the pork, thinking that it will still be juicy if overcooked by an unsuspecting buyer, in an effort to eliminate worms.
        But they also say that Ontario pork is essentially free from trichinosis, and can be cooked to a medium rare level. This doublespeak benefits no one except the pork sellers speaking with two tongues.
        I look for non seasoned heritage pork. From earnest purveyors.

        By the way, the large hog farms in Ontario are now producing an ever increasing number of naturally raised animals, in the same production pens as the regular porkers, because the major buyers will pay more for it. Any notion that naturally raised pork, or chicken, comes from an idyllic meadow should be scotched.