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Jul 19, 2008 01:58 PM

Fiore in Williamburg, Bklyn

Just wanted to let people know about this place. My husband saw a tv show that profiled the restaurant and he was intrigued, so last night we went. It was excellent. The place is very spacious and decorated in a welcoming Italian, cottage decor. Very pretty and comfortable. The staff was attentive, but not rude or overbearing. We arrived at 6, without a reservation and it was no problem.
For an appetizer, we shared a warm arugula salad, with grilled fennel and grilled calamari. It was such a simple salad, but the ingredients were so fresh and the calamari so tender, that I could have eaten this as an entree. That's really the essence of Italian cooking- simple and fresh ingredients. Really delicious.
I ordered the gnocchi special and I have to say our family are gnocchi snobs. I have tried all the places reviewed here and elsewhere that praise the gnocchi. Not sure if it was potato or ricotta gnocchi, but it was light, tender and I was almost able to finish the plate. The only thing about it was that they felt the need to top it with melted mozzarella, which wasn't needed. My husband had the lasagna bolognese, which he described as smooth and light. He is Italian by heritage and usually wouldn't order a lasagna since we make it all the time, but even though it's described as traditional, it wasn't. The sauce made the difference. Really delicious and generous portions. For dessert, I forced myself to finish a creamy lemon tart with fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. The prices are downright cheap here..averaging about $10 for a pasta entree.Most of the pasta's were homemade. They also had a salmon and red snapper special, which almost tempted me away from the gnocchi. But I felt I had to go with the gnocchi because if it's good, the rest of their menu has to be. It's hard to get those pillows of pasta light and tender. We are definitely going back. Highly recommended. They serve wine, beer and mixed drinks. Sorry, but I didn't see the wine prices. Cash only is the one drawback.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder... we're going tonite. It's the same owner as Bianca in the Village, one of our favorite inexpensive informal places to eat. He also owns Teodora.

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      Well worth going and we'll be back. I wouldnt call it a destination place (unless it's easy for you to get to), but it's certainly a go-to place for well made informal Italian fare. I like the carciofini salad better at Bianca (more lemon) but it's very good here as well, with fresh thin slices of parm. across the top. The octopus stew app. is also excellent. We shared an order of ravioli with fresh basil & oil and it was done exactly right. My guess is butter. The fresh trout was nicely done, the sides of eggplant and of broc.rabe were similarly good & my penne carbonara, while not authentic and somewhat "gloppy" with cheese, tasted great and had lots of meat (not guanciale, I dont think... maybe pancetta?). My type of dish.

      We had wines by the glass and all were low priced ($6-7). I can vouch for the fruity white one from Italy and the lambrusco style red (somewhat carbonated & sweet). Ginny liked the Indiba white (chard? sauv.blanc?) and the Chianti. The lemon tart that scanmike had was excellent for us as well. The cheese plate was not a winner... dont bother. All in, with tax and good tip, we managed to get to $120 and have a lot of take home food. A more normal dinner would be under $100 easily. Cash only.

      As I said, we'll put this on the short list, as the menu is varied enough to be a regular place to go.

    2. their wine prices are great too...

      1. Ate here last week. Artichoke heart appetizer was very good as well as lasagna!!
        Very reasonable prices and good service as well. Martini was excellent as well.
        Would go back anytime!