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Jul 19, 2008 01:03 PM

Sprüngli's Luxemburgerli (Zurich)

Well, more than a year has passed since my visit to Zurich, but these delectable bites deserve a special, if late, mention. To use up my Swiss francs, I bought a small box of Luxemburgerli at the Sprungli counter at Flughafen Zurich. If I'm reading the receipt correctly, the price was 85 francs per kilo or 9,20 francs for this little box I purchased to take home to my parents. Once on the plane, I popped it open to try one at its peak of freshness.

Photo of Luxemburgerli on my tray table -

Oh. My. God!

I had to have another, and then another. It took all my willpower to save some for my mom. Everything about them seemed just perfect to me. The airy chewiness and delicate crunch of the cookie halves, sublime silkiness and rich flavor of the buttercream, and the subtle yet complex flavorings with just the right amount of sweetness. I couldn't imagine anything that could change and make these better, other than giving me more and more of them.

I was immediately sad and dismayed that I hadn't pulled out a credit card and bought a whole kilo. I had also purchased a box of classique truffles. While I enjoyed them very much, it is the Luxemburgerli that I crave. They go to the top of my list of things to bring back from Switzerland.

History of Luxemburgerli -

Coop Chocolate post -

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  1. Agree totally. They are so much better than the french macarons, which are a close cousin.

    I love those passionfruit ones. Our box didn't last the 1 hour flight from Zurich to London last year.

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    1. re: notmartha

      Having some particulary awful macarons in Palo Alto on Friday prompted me to post. (g)

      I was aware of Luxemburgerli before my trip. But I wish I had paid more attention and understood how special they are. I got to the airport much later than planned and had no time to linger. If I'd taken the time to taste one in the shop even, I would have bought a lot more. So, anyone headed to Switzerland, you know what to bring back for me!

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Actually we tried them at the Zurich central train station first; they have more flavor variety that you can get ala carte. I didn't get more at the airport (they seem to only have 2 variety ala carte when we went - everything else was boxed), as I thought they needed refridgeration. So we only got the amount we can eat at that time.

        I had actually seriously contemplated on flying in/out of Zurich for our Germany trip this year so I can eat more of the Luxemburgerli, but my hubbie thought I was nuts.

    2. Hey Melanie (long time no talk!) - I'm a fan too, was there earlier this year and snapped a few photos -

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      1. re: biskuit

        Hi Brad, miss you! Thanks for the pictures. I flew through Atlanta and got to know your airport quite well on those long layovers.

        1. re: biskuit

          Good ones. I dug up my old photo also. I think it's chocolate & vanilla, and yours looked like passionfruit and lemon.