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Jul 19, 2008 12:54 PM

Mesa, AZ - Is Chef H still open?

I've been calling and getting no answer. Also, is there a table that would fit 8 (assuming they are still in business)?

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  1. Chef H is located in Gilbert @ Pecos/Lindsey. I will be in that area later today and I will report back. I received no answer, as well.

    1. A phone call later in the day indicates they are still open.

      1. I've never heard of Chef H. What kind of place is it?

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        1. re: Firenza00

          It's Mediterranean. You sure it's open? I've been calling for two hours without anyone answering.

        2. Its definitely open. I stopped there around six tonite for a gyro. There was several people eating so maybe they were too busy to answer phone?

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            after all this, we ended up not going. But can someone tell us more about it? How is the food? Interior? Worth a trip?

              1. re: razordogg

                My wife and I went to Chef H a couple of months ago. The food was quite tasty but be prepared for a rather time-consuming meal. When we went, the chef/owner prepared the meals and waited on tables. He had 1 or 2 sous chefs in the kitchen but he did alot back there himself.
                Meal started with him bringing out a sampler plate of all the sides. Baba ganouj, hummus, tabbouli, israeli salad, maybe 8 different items. He stood at our table as we tried each one, explaining them all, seeing what we liked and didnt like. This is what slows down service the most. It was wonderful having the chef out talking us through a tasting but when it came time for us to order and he was doing the same with another couple for 15-20mins it was a bit annoying. The tabbouli was my fave, just fresh and clean. We liked all of the sides and loved a couple.
                We then placed the order for our meals and could pick 2 of the sides to go with our protein. I had lamb kebabs that were very tender and flavorful.
                Overall, we will go back when we have a good 1 1/2 hrs we can set aside for a kebab dinner.
                At the time Chef H's had no liquor license. I asked about BYO and he said "sure, bring it in".

                1. re: BillB656

                  We were going to hit this place this weekend, just called about liquor he said they don't serve alcohol. I asked if I could bring some in and he said - "No, we don't allow alcohol, I don't want alcohol". I guess I'll try it for lunch.

                  OK, just called back for hours and clarified - I asked specifically if I could bring a bottle of wine and he said, "Yeah, sure." I do hope they realize they need a special license for that. Gonna try it!

                  1. re: Maggie Kramer

                    Well, I'm just glad they're still open. Doesn't surprise me, the owner/chef seems kind of absent minded. He's very personable and a great cook, but maybe not totally on top of stuff...In case you haven't been there, ask for a sampler platter of all the salads they have in the glass case, that's my favorite.