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Jul 19, 2008 12:43 PM

Do you ever dress a fruit salad?

and if so, with what? I always let nature do her thing but just got to wondering. Party tomorrow.

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  1. I took a BBQ class at the CIA and, oddly, they had us make a fruit salad and all sorts of sides, not just focus on the BBQ. Anyway, the fruit salad was straightforward, but it called for a simple syrup with rose water -- maybe dissolve a tablespoon or so of sugar in 8 oz of rosewater, then chill. drizzle over the fruit salad before serving. It was a really, really good touch.

      1. re: woodburner

        I'd go for honey and white wine.

        1. A little mint, lime juice, lime zest and a modest squeeze of honey. It makes fruit sing!

          1. Depending on the fruit, I like to dress a fruit salad with a mint sugar - just sugar and fresh mint whizzed together until homogenous. It's really good with stone fruit, strawberries, etc. The mint just makes it seem like more than just fruit in a bowl.

            1. yuzu or lemon juice, sugar, & finely chopped thai basil