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Do you ever dress a fruit salad?

and if so, with what? I always let nature do her thing but just got to wondering. Party tomorrow.

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  1. I took a BBQ class at the CIA and, oddly, they had us make a fruit salad and all sorts of sides, not just focus on the BBQ. Anyway, the fruit salad was straightforward, but it called for a simple syrup with rose water -- maybe dissolve a tablespoon or so of sugar in 8 oz of rosewater, then chill. drizzle over the fruit salad before serving. It was a really, really good touch.

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        I'd go for honey and white wine.

        1. A little mint, lime juice, lime zest and a modest squeeze of honey. It makes fruit sing!

          1. Depending on the fruit, I like to dress a fruit salad with a mint sugar - just sugar and fresh mint whizzed together until homogenous. It's really good with stone fruit, strawberries, etc. The mint just makes it seem like more than just fruit in a bowl.

            1. yuzu or lemon juice, sugar, & finely chopped thai basil

              1. I like to drizzle strawberries with a little balsamic vinegar, mixed berries with kirsch.

                  1. I dressed a grilled pineapple/apricot salad with a dressing made with honey, orange juice, grated ginger and mint. It was really quite lovey.

                      1. When I was much younger, my mother would make fruit salad in the summer with melon, strawberries, blueberries, etc. and drizzle some Drambuie (Scotch liqueur) over it. It had a double effect, everyone devoured the fruit salad and all the kids went straight to sleep afterward (which might have been the real ulterior motive - LOL!). Liqueur is always good, amaretto, apricot, etc. would all taste yummy.

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                          There will be several children in attendance so I'm really liking the fruit salad sedation approach.......ssshh, my little secret.

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                            Oh, frangelico on peaches makes me so happy!

                          2. I like to toss melon with honey, mint, and grated ginger for a little zing. Very bright flavors.

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                                Try plain yogurt with honey to taste, add some cinnamon pour over any fruit salad. For a really refreshing taste add thinly sliced mint into fruit salad first. This is a hit everytime I serve it, even non fruit eaters.

                              2. Mint, honey, a little lemon/lime zest, a dash (or 5) of white wine (or juice from the lemon/lime if I've got no wine open) - my fruit salad is always melons with berries so this combo works great

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                                  limoncello liquer is my favorite - works well with most fruits!

                                2. rosewater or orange flower water with mint

                                  lq dressing- dark rum & mint (mojito), amaretto, franjelico, grand mariner, cognac, brandy, cherry lq

                                  honey, vanilla yogurt w honey

                                  citrus juice w a little cayenne

                                  it's cool to grill fruits for fruit salad (good to do with kinda unremarkable/not ripe fruit, esp stone fruit like nectarines & peaches), let cool slightly, then top with a dollop of organic sour cream flavored with brown sugar. the same old-fashioned dressing works on non-grilled fruit. it's really good.

                                  strawberries and tomatoes (do you consider them a fruit or not?) are both good drizzled with balsamic & pepper.

                                  folks used to top their fruit with fresh cream and a sprinkle of sugar. i still like to do that, but it's a little homely-- maybe not cool for your party, maybe so, though.

                                  1. I love this simple syrup for fruit salad. It is very simple, but adds a lovely elegant touch. It also keeps the fruit for longer.

                                    1 cup sugar
                                    1 and 1/4 cup water

                                    Bring to a boil, then simmer for 5 minutes. Take it off the heat, and add 3 tablespoons of brandy (or Cognac if you have it!), and three tablespoons of Cointreau. Let cool, then pour as much as you need over chopped up fruit.

                                    1. My grandmother would peel some beautiful fragrant peaches and drizzle them with honey for a summer treat. My mother liked grapes and sour cream together. Both pretty yummy!

                                      1. a basic simple syrup is always good, an infused one is better, and often depending on the fruit , a vinegar as well, be it balsamic or sherry. for that matter a splash of booze doesn't hurt either, again depending on the fruit.

                                        1. If you've got lemon or lime basil this is the place to use it. It's so perfumy and exotic but not overpowering. You might have to buy it in a nursery, not in a store.

                                          Other than that, I agree with honey and a squeeze of lime.

                                          1. We attended a party last week and the host dressed the fruit salad with a mixture of melted vanilla ice cream and grand marnier. It was delicious!