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Jul 19, 2008 12:29 PM

FALAFEL HOUSE 760 Yonge Street

Yesterday I happened to be in Yonge & Bloor area, at around 1pm, I saw a restaurant called Falafel House (760 Yonge Street). I had decided to give it a try.
The restaurant was very dirty from the inside and looked like no one clean it in a very long time.
The food part was the worst. I ordered Falafel (in a restaurant called Falafel House) I had never experienced such a bad falafel it was very dry and tasted like it was deep fried long ago, the pita was old as well (minimum 3 days old) the stuffed it with a ½ a slice of tomato and lettuce that turned brown. As a side I ordered their salad platter (what a nightmare).

It’s the worst Falafel in Canada. WAY people eat in there.

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  1. i had a similar experience too. also, i decided to get chicken shawarma to go once and clearly asked for no tomatoes. so i took the first bite as i was waiting for my change, and one big tomato. I told him that asked for 'no tomatoes'- he gave me the tough luck look. i know it is only a $6 pita wrap, but i think there is a minimum standard when it comes to service...