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Jul 19, 2008 12:22 PM

Indian Food for the cheap and carless


I have tried many places in downtown toronto for Indian Food, and i have been consistently dissappointed with them, except for Tabla., which is a li'l pricey. I went to Missisauga once and I had amazing choloe bhature at an Indian rest in a strip mall. Amazing and reasonable. Since, I dont have access to a car, I was wondering if someone could recommend a good indian place that has tasty food and basic hygeine standards. Is there one in the GTA that would be close to a bus stop. I can take GO to the city and take a bus from there.


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  1. Since you've tried "many places" downtown, I assume you've tried the following common favourites:

    1. Little India on Queen W. near John St. - my personal go-to Indian spot

    2. Trimurti on Queen W. near John St.

    3. The Host near Avenue and Bloor

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    1. re: Gary

      I have heard about Little India, and I will try it this weekend. I think i have been to trimurti and it was ok. I have never heard of the host.

      1. re: bubbaneedsfood

        Ok, you'd think I was part owner by all the reviews I've posted on Little India. Tried it for lunch buffet on Monday and it was GREAT! Read my review by typing Little India in the search tab. 10.95 for lunch buffet is a great price - it's clean, bright, clean, fresh, ok, I'm babbling, read my review and give it a try.

    2. There are far more restos in Little India that pass the health inspection every single time than there are defaulters. This includes your beloved Bar-be-cue Hut. I don't get the problem.

      1. I'm partial to the buffet at Dhaba on King...Marimba!

        1. im letting the cat out of the bag on this...but a hidden gem in scarborough is BABU! for $3.50, you get a rice, a meat, and 3 veggies. it IS SUPER GOOD! we go all the time for lunch. better than most indian i have had elsewhere.

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          1. re: rafer madness

            I have to second Little India on Queen West. I love the place. Good food and good service. They have a special dinner menu if you ask. Dinner for 2 for about 30.00 and you can hardly finish it. The very best chicken Tikka in the city IMHO.

            1. re: rafer madness

              There's another quite recent Indian restaurant/takeout in Scarborough's Birchcliff district. It's Kalyani Indian Cuisine at 1433 Kingston Rd on the south side just east of Warden . We've often had their takeout, and are delighted at the prices, the cleanliness of the place, the decor, the courtesy of the staff, and above all the food. It ranges from Indian appetizers like malai kofti, lamb shekh kebab, and chicken tikka, as low as $1.65 for three pieces, to Goan style shrimp curry at $12.95, "tiger shrimps with coconut cashew pistachio and yogurt in aromatic tomato cream sauce" - the most expensive item on the takeout menu. Kalyani is a neighbourhood treasure, a family-run business, closed Sundays and Mondays. Other days you can phone them for hours at 416 686-5864.

              1. re: rafer madness

                What's the address of this BABU place??? I'm seriously gonna have to take a field trip out to Scarborough and try this place out! LOL

                1. re: rafer madness

                  Babu is the kind of place where 90% of the time, you will never see a non indian or sri lankan in there. Lineups are usually 20 minutes long, even on sundays. Why? It is THAT good. but it is also a really well kept secret.
                  the crab curry is to die for. I know only one other person who can make it better, me mom.
                  4800 Sheppard Ave East, Unit 201

                  1. re: rafer madness

                    I went to Babu based on your recommendation, but the only thing that was $3.50 was their "half meal", which is a rice, a meat, and an onion-yogurt, I didn't get 3 veggies. The portion size for the half meal was fair, but it wasn't huge.

                    Am I ordering the wrong thing? What do I have to ask for to get the rice, meat, and 3 veggies for $3.50?

                    1. re: kwong

                      kwong, how's the food @ Babu?

                      1. re: shir

                        It's fairly good. I found them pretty hit or miss. I was not impressed by their butter chicken, but their naan was great. Their briyani (sp?) was fairly average, their spicy chicken was sub-par, and their tandoori chicken was average.

                        However, their vegetable samosas were surprisingly good. The samosas were not out of this world, but I liked them more than the samosas at Samosa King. They're 3/$1, which is more expensive than Samosa King's 5/$1, but I'd rather have the 3 at Babu than the 5 at Samosa King.

                      2. re: kwong

                        i dunno..i just go uo and say small rice....and they give me a meat and 3 veggies. $3.50. maybe i have been going so long, they just know. i am absolutely stuffed after eating that, so if you can handle the large...then you are a bigger eater than i!

                        1. re: rafer madness

                          I've noticed that it really depends on who (staff) you talk to sometimes. Some are more accommodating than others with the specials.
                          I've had the $3.50 combo a few times, but generally for custom mix and matching with curries and rice.

                    2. Two recommendations in Little India:
                      The Lahore Tikka House for amazing tikka dishes, kebabs, and biryani
                      Udupi Palace Restaurant for amazing south indian food.
                      Both very reasonable.

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                      1. re: noshthis

                        Banjara on Bloor west of Christie Pits (at Shaw). The onion kutcha bread is really yummy.

                        1. re: Cup cake

                          I've been eyeing this place for a while - it's close to where I work. Is the rest of the food good? I'd love a good lamb saag or fish tikka for lunch this week.

                        2. re: noshthis

                          Uddipi Palace is o.k., but Lahore Tikka is disgracefully bad, as a search through this board will attest to. Anybody short of money will definitely hurt if they waste any at Lahore.