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Jul 19, 2008 11:51 AM

I Need Help Fast, Gazpacho Crisis. Quick Call the Tomato Police.

Will you look at my photo and tell me if these tomatoes are OK to use to make gazpacho? Is the white stuff mold? or is it natural? THANKS!!!!!

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  1. My photo won't upload, too large.

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    1. re: waitress

      Can you make the photo smaller? That said, I've never heard of anything good that is white stuff on a tomato, I'm afraid!

    2. Without seeing the photos, I can't think of anything it might be other than mold, which is about as natural as it gets, and typically not toxic (think penicillin, or blue cheese, for example). Natural doesn't mean tastes good, of course, so cut away the moldy part and taste what is left. Be brave.