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Jul 19, 2008 11:42 AM

Cafe Du Monde coffee w/chicory in SD

Does anyone know where I can purchase Cafe Du Monde coffee w/chicory locally? I hate spending all that money on shipping. Thanks in advance for help.

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  1. Try Vietnamese markets or Asian markets with a Vietnamese section.

    1. Mardi Gras Cafe on Midway carries several varieties of Du Monde, including Chicory. It's our local go to place.

      1. I'm pretty sure I've seen it at 99 Ranch in Clairemont Mesa.

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            Yep, I've bought it at 99 Ranch many times.

        1. I've seen it at World Market on 4th.

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            Just saw it at a coffee cart at the Ferry Landing complex on Coronado. They serve it in a cup - not sure if they sell it ground in bags.