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Jul 19, 2008 11:40 AM

Russ & Daughters Peeve

While Russ and Daughters has smoked salmon of the highest quality, their counter people have become pretty sloppy about how they slice the fish: thick pieces, often untrimmed. By contrast, the guys at the Village Citarella are meticulous.

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  1. if you are having issues with the thickness of the fish or the way it is cut at russ, you absolutely MUST say something to either the person cutting it for you or ask for Josh or Nicki. i guarantee they will cut to your satisfaction- they take the greatest pride in the way the fish is chosen and prepared. i would start by making sure when you order your fish you state your preference for slicing- thin please. and ask for a sample and make sure it is being sliced and trimmed to your liking. Russ and Daughters is the top of the pops and they will go out of their way to prepare the fish to your satisfaction. enjoy fb

    1. Absolutely say something. I always kvetch if it isn't right and they adjust. The truth not all counter staff are created equal.