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Jul 19, 2008 11:02 AM

Looking for UES Latin and BBQ suggestions

Hi folks,
I'm looking for some moderately priced suggestions for the Upper East Side for tonight. Considering either Latin or Barbecue for two. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. For Latin - are you including Mexican? And, how moderate?

    1. Sorry - meant to add - I really like Itzocan Bistro for an interesting twist on Mexican, you can bring your own wine. Not great A/C when I was there last summer though. There's El Paso Taqueria on 97th between Park and Madison, also Pio Pio on 2nd Avenue and 9th I think - Peruvian roast chicken.

      A favorite of ours - Zebu Grill - Brazilian - E. 92nd just east of 2nd Avenue, but not might be moderate enough. Same with Don Pedro's, which is Latin American/Caribbean.

      I think all places have menus on menupages if you want to check pricing.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        MMRuth, Zebu Grill was a terrific choice. I hadn't been there before and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. The service was very good and the food was even better. I had the Picadinho (hope I am spelling it correctly) and my date had a shrimp dish in which the shrimp arrived at the table in a bowl with a boiling mixture of sugarcane juice and coconut milk and she really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be returning. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. re: varsitysg

          Oh good - we've not been for awhile now for whatever reason, but always enjoy the food and the people who work there are very nice.

      2. It's really upper, upper East Side, but Fonda Boriqua on 116 between Lex. and Third has great Puerto Rican home cooking.

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          1. re: City Kid

            I second La Fonda Boricua. A great restaurant and very moderately priced. Love that place.

          2. Thanks for the responses folks. MMRuth, I wasn't really thinking Mexican, however, I did settle on Zebu Grill. Haven't eaten Brazilian in a while and Zebu Grill sounds pretty good.

            1. i know it is too late for the OP
              but Maya is good modern mex and buzina pop is delicious brazillian

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              1. re: thew

                Agree re. Buzina Pop -- really good food and exceptional (potent) Brazilian cocktails. A slightly Euro-trashy crowd, but nothing that detracts from the overall very enjoyable dining experience.

                1. re: City Kid

                  Thank for the tips thew and City Kid. Will keep them in mind for the future.