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Jul 19, 2008 10:14 AM

Souvlaki - Square Boys

Guess it's because I live near Greektown that I get more than my fair share of Souvlaki...
As the Mrs. picks me up from work late last night she declares that she feels like a quick bit to eat and why don't we stop off somewhere for takeout she asks.
With all of the choices on the Danforth for Souvlaki, we decided on , get this, Square Boys for a Souvlaki on a pita.
One reason for this is that they have free parking and we have been there a few times over the years and the souvlaki-on-a-pita was always enjoyable.
There is an outdoor eating area as well as some booths on the inside but this place is more for regulars such as The Danforth Kids and such locals.

The souvlaki was prepared by a cook that was working the grill and a portly soul was wrapping up the takeout orders and plating the eat-in plates. Service was fairly quick and it was apparent that they were cooking ahead of the orders by gauging the popular items and line-up length. Risky for all concerned at times when not busy.

We got our take-out home in a couple of minutes and started to eat our snack.
I was gobsmacked.

I wanted to rush over and order another one right away, but I didn't.

I remarked to the wife that this was the best souvlaki I have ever had.
She agreed.
Cooked to perfection and the chicken was tasty.

Of all of the unlikely places for that to happen, amazing.
For a place that made it's name many years ago by serving up square burgers, this was a surprise.

If you are looking for a quick souvlaki-on-a-pita-to-go I can't think of anywhere else I would personally go if in the area.


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  1. Thanks for the review, the place is always packed and it seems most people are getting souvlaki. I will hit it up this week.

    1. The souv is tasty there. Their burgers have become a BIG disappointment. The last one I had was so full of bread crumb filler that it was mushy. The parking is attractive, but for a late night snack, I'd head to Alexandros for their chicken first.

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      1. re: air621

        Agreed, I don't get the burgers there any longer.

        1. re: Poorboy

          May I suggest their gyro on a bun (which does not seem as bready as a pita round to me) for next time? I've weaned myself off them now for a while cuz it's probably not the healthiest choice but I'm salivating as I type this note.

          I've had Alexandros' and Messini's gyros and they are really good too, tho there is something about the whole process of getting take-out that you describe so well in your original post that give the square boy food so much more character.

      2. Tried this last night, good but not great, but then I've been spoiled by a lifetime of Arahova takeout souvlaki in Montreal. Square Boy's version could have used some more tzatziki, and the tzatziki itself could have used a lot more kick. The chicken was a bit dry but tasty, and the pita was also a bit dry from having been pre-grilled. That being said, I inhaled it and briefly wished I had bought another, so they are obviously doing something right. I will stop by again.

        My wife was craving a burger so she tried one - don't bother.

        1. After reading some of the reviews from chowhound, me and my husband went to try out Square Boy. Boy was their chicken souvlaki good! I've never had chicken so moist like that. I usually don't order chicken souvlaki cuz it is usually dry but this one was really good. The gravy we asked for the fries was really good too. It brought me back to memory of the gravy that used to served in my old school. It was really good! We tried the pork souvlaki but found it kind of dry. Love how there's parking. Well definitely go back!