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Jul 19, 2008 09:48 AM

Korean Restaurantes, Mexico, D.F.

Inspired by an article in today's NY Times on eating in Seoul, I'm wanting a Korean meal.
Are there any worthwhile Korean restaurants in Mexico, D.F.?

I've read that there are some in an area of La Zona Rosa. I'm looking for personal experiences and opinions of those who've eaten there. I'd prefer those places with the least Mexicanized cuisine.

Price is a factor. I'd like to spend less than $250 MXP pp. Is that a feasible budget?

Many thanks.

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  1. I have been to this one:
    Cheong Ki Wa
    Amberes 41, Zona Rosa

    When we went it was empty, but it was off timing - usually the place is pretty busy I hear. It's large and dark inside, with a lot of red. Good service. The menu is lengthy and they have some Korean barbeque items.
    I don't remember what we paid - it was about 4 years ago, but I think they have pretty good paquete lunch specials during the week.

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      Nicholas Gilman, in his book, "Good Food In Mexico City" lists "Ham Ji Bak Korean Restaurant", Hamburgo 244 between Biarritz and Sevilla, Zona Rosa. He states that "The menu is authentically Korean...".
      Now, thanks to Juliet, I have two places to choose from.

      I also read of "Pabellon Coreano", but it sounds more like an executive steakhouse with Korean touches. Any feedback on these other two is appreciated.

      1. re: Anonimo

        The Zona Rosa, and Colonia Juarez (in which the ZR is situated) is the commercial center (i.e., restaurant and grocery) for Koreans in Mexico City and you'll find probably 10 or more restaurants in the area catering to that community. I don't have a listing of the places but when you walk about the several streets on either side of Florencia you'll come across them. I'm not a fan of Korean food/cooking and therefore I haven't tried these places. I've found that many Mexicans are not very diverse in their food tastes and restaurants other than ones offering locally-popular Mexican food aren't well-supported. I'm suspecting that the Korean restaurants in Colonia Juarez are probably good because they cater, almost exclusively, to Koreans - and I think that's a very unusual restaurant situation in Mexico City.

        1. re: gomexico

          yeah...there are tons of new places along londres or liverpool and florencia... in my experience these restaurants are not geared to mexicans AT ALL. no signs or menus in spanish. If you're lucky there'll be a mexican waiter or son who can help you... I'll post back with the places I've been to.

          the korean community is really booming now. there's a lot of new korean beauty shops, too.

        2. re: Anonimo

          A little closer to you... Kare_Raisu was telling me about the large Korean community in GDL.

          1. re: Anonimo

            Ham Ji Bak (as of late 2009) is gone, but there are several others nearby.

        3. I like a BBQ one that's on Florencia about a block to block and a half south of Reforma, west side of the street. You can't miss it because it is cavernous and painted peach inside. It's not like LA good, but I see a lot of mexican-koreans in there. The panchan is good. Terrible ambiance, but who cares.

          I walked by Pabellon Coreano the other day to try a new place, and it smelled foul inside and there was no one there at what should have been the height of Mexican lunch hour. I'm a little skeptical. We didn't stay.