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Jul 19, 2008 09:45 AM

Latin Variety

ok i am back in nyc after a 2.5 year stint in Miami and have tons of great stuff i am looking for -i am willing to travel pretty much anywhere as long as the meal is worth it.
please help me in finding
Colada??(cuban coffee
Ropa Veija?
Vaca Frita??
Nicaraguan restaurant(Fritanga)
Colombian restaurant-
Arepas(Venezulan or Colombian)
somewhere similar to Estancia Argentina
Yuca Frita and or maduros(just cause they are a side dish doesnt mean i wont travel for good ones)
tres leches
lechon asado
arroz con pollo
arroz con calamares
Thanks to everyone in advance

PS i am also game for attempting to cook any of these so please share your recipes as well -Thanks again -T

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  1. Please share recipes on our Home Cooking Board. Thanks!

    1. Goto Victors cafe (alittle pricey) or Old San Juan on 8th I think it is..They are inexpensive but always have tasty food... :-)