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Jul 19, 2008 09:38 AM

Recipe Search Engine
It's kind of fun- you enter in all the food you have on hand, and you can delete/add things as you like. Then it will display hundreds of different recipes using the items you have, or most of what you have and it will tell you "you will need "mint" or whatever. I entered in a bunch of stuff that I could think of that I always keep in the house, and currently have 2000 recipes I can make. That's hysterical.
I often need inspiration (especially when work kicks me in the @ss and I'm exhausted) so I figure I can poke around on supercook and not have to think too hard...
It's linked me to epicurious, allrecipes, recipezaar, blogs, foodgeeks. You can save recipes but that's as far as I've gotten with it.

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  1. Thanks for the link. It is pretty entertaining to watch the recipes change with each food you add. Granted, some of the recipes were kind of ick...... ketchup spaghetti..... but it is still fun

    1. I think the 2000 recipes is their default number - the minute you put in one ingredient, that's what comes up. I had put in chicken breasts, garlic, goat cheese, and olive oil, I think, and it was always saying 2000 recipes. Once I put in the final ingredient, it said "You can make 3 recipes right now!" and they were listed first, saying "You have all the ingredients needed!" or something like that.

      I often just go to Google or this site and put in ingredients and search that way as well. But more often than not, I just do the same thing in my recipe management software, MasterCook.

      1. I just jump around ... Food Network, All Recipes, If I don't find them there I'll go to Epicurious, once in a while Recipezaar and of course, Google gets me to them and the rest as well.

        Oh and here's a favorite of mine to share -- not sure how many folks know about it but it's another excellent resoruce: Despite the name it's world cuisine.

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          I just checked it out---- awesome!

          Thanks brother Harry!

        2. Thanks for the rec, looks like some cool software! Does anyone know what search engine they use?