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Jul 19, 2008 09:37 AM

sea harbour and fosselman's. what a combo!

sea harbour and fosselman's. what a combo!

i went to both yesterday for the first time. the dim sum was truly excellent. very flavorful and fresh. my challenge was that i was alone and do not speak/read chinese. good thing there were little pics and english descriptions for the main menu, the bad thing was there were about 15 specials that were only written in chinese, but i did get to order one of them by pointing to another table's food. i am glad i did because it turned out to be the best one! needless to say i had a lot of leftovers to take home. i had read about poor service there, i did not experience that. the staff couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. fosselman's was great too. i dont know why there aren't more ice cream shoppes like that especially near the beach!?! had a great black and white malt with a 1/2 a fresh banana thrown in for good measure.

dim sum i had:
sui mai - very good. very hot! very plump
hargow - best i've had. three shrimp inside each and great flavor. pure tasting.
steamed bork buns - also best i've had, not too big and the bbq pork inside was perfect
eggplant w/shrimp paste (could have skipped this for something else, too big)
crispy shrimp roll (also pork inside. loved it!)
xlb(ish) juicy pork buns - served in individual little tins. very tasty.
and the one from the special list - pork, shrimp(?), carrot, cilantro, ground sesame seeds or peanuts (not sure but very delicious)

i know, not very adventurous but when i am alone i rather keep it safe. plus i was hungry :)

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  1. Why didn't you swing by here to pick me up? I wanted some Sea Harbor Dim Sum. I feel cheated, as you were there enjoying it all without me.

    1. Not adventurous? I give you big adventure points for going by yourself! You picked solid dim sum items - nothing wrong with that - and that special makes firecrackers go off in the palate portion of my mind...

      We occasionally do Fosselman's after a SGV-fest as well, but usually put a spacer in between by taking care of some grocery shopping. It's more for our kids, at least that's what I say, but I usually get a scoop of something as well - usually the seasonal stuff. Great places!

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        living most of my life in nyc, whenever i went out for dim sum it was followed by a visit to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, so dim sum/ice cream is just a natural fit for me. they go very well together. but it also means i have never tried any of the dim sum desserts!

        1. re: NYCnowLA

          While I am a big fan of Fosselman's, I really do think you're doing yourself a major disservice by not partaking in dessert at dim sum.

          Egg tarts might be one of the greatest creations from egg yolks known to mankind ...

          1. re: ipsedixit

            ...and who said that you can't have ice cream after that too???

            1. re: justagthing

              Better yet, have it WITH ice cream.

              1. Order egg tarts to go.
              2. Drive to Fosselman's.
              3. Order ice cream.
              4. Combine 1 and 3.
              5. Eat.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                Now you're getting crazy ipsedixit! :P

                It reminds me of the time I dared a friend of mine (who loves Pizookie and Krispy Kreme) to combine them:

                * We drove to Krispy Kreme, ordered 2 Glazed Donuts.
                * Drove immediately to BJ's for their Pizookie Dessert.

                I watched in horror as my friend combined them both together and finished the whole thing! (O_o)

                1. re: exilekiss

                  One of the most sinful pleasures in the SGV is to buy some Costco churros and then head right over to Fosselman's and pair it with a couple scoops of Dulce De Leche ice cream.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    And bring a jar of fudge... and a bottle of rum...

                  1. re: raytamsgv

                    Egg tarts a la mode--great idea!


                    I'm a bit surprised that hasn't been dreamt up already.

              2. re: ipsedixit

                And the sponge cake at Sea Harbor is awsome, best dim sum sponge cake I've had...fresh, piping hot, moist and springy. I sometimes go there just to get this stuff.

          2. Nice report NYCnowLA! :) Glad to hear Sea Harbour continues to excel.

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            1. re: exilekiss

              You remind me its been too long since i last drove out to Sea Harbour...i love every dish ive ever had there but i must say, the rice noodles blew me rolled up, little tubular chow fun..i was in heaven...that perfect chewy pasta...i couldnt stuff enuf of them in my face!

            2. I was there the same day you were. Sea Harbour is just as good as ever. We skipped the siu mai and har gow. We ordered many dishes I've had there before, and a couple I haven't tried there: bitter melon and chicken cheung fun (very good), and the squid/foie gras roll. That was a huge dud.

              They told me that they are no longer making the shrimp and pea tips dumplings. This is the one that's folded with 4 "pockets" on top, with piece of veg in each pocket--corn, pea, and two others. I thought it strange that they decided to discontinue this.

              btw, another good combo: Boiling Crab and then Fosselman's. :)

              1. You've just discovered my regular 1-2 combo!

                Get the ube ice cream next time. Or the taro milkshake. Or the lychee milkshake. Oh man.