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Jul 19, 2008 09:30 AM

Moustache Falafel?

Was just at Inn of the Hawke last night and the little place across the street from it is now a place called Moustache that serves falafel. Anybody been there? I am a falafel/baba ghanouj lover.

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  1. I have not been there; I didn't even know it existed. Thanks for posting!

    1. There is a place in Manhattan in the East Village called Moustache. I wonder if they're the same owners.

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        There's one in the West Village as well. Best hummus and pitas.

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          hey guys, I am the owner of moustache in Manhattan and we do not have any branch NJ so far. thieves have been haunting me for the last 20 years of business.
          for locations and details please check out our new website at:

        2. Is it open now? It seemed like it was taking them forever to open.

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            It's open and it seems to be open late at night. Friday there were still a couple of people in there at 11 pm. So that's kinda cool.

          2. My wife & I stopped in for lunch today. Neither of us are that knowledgeble about Mid Eastern food, but we throughly enjoyed our meal, the staff and the place. It's South Union St, Lambertville at Mt Hope St which is quite a bit south of the tourist area. The small place has lots of Mid Eastern decorative references and Mid Eastern music played. We split a falafel appetizer (there were 5) which was accompanied by a tahini dip and a spicy green salsa like dip. When the owner came over to check on us my wife said the green dip was too hot for her (it was, in fact, fairly high on the hotness scale!). The owner said No-No this is hot & moved it nearer to me and said: it's for the man! Almost all the items on the menu were new to us, but we have had falafels many times and what we were served at Moustache was so tasty I can't compare them to anything - it was a whole new level of "fafalel-ness" for us! The pita loaf that came with the appetizer was so freshly baked it was still inflated like a balloon. It flattened as the steam escaped but its taste and texture was more like a couple of crapes glued together lwaving a pocket. The soft parts reminded me of the feel of injera (sp?) while the crispy part was like a hard croissant flake.

            My wife went with the familiar and ordered a gyro which is stuffed with rotisserie broiled beef. She ate the whole thing which is unusual for her! I tried the house Moustache Pitza, which is supposedly the ancestor of the pizza. It's personal sized thickish pita, loaded with roasted red bell pepper, tomato, onion, parsley, chili & fresh mozzarella. It was made like the pizza I remember eating back in the 1940s - flash baked in a piping hot oven. It was a tasty medley of flavors and I think the quality of the pita made it taste unique, not like a fake pizza at all.

            My wife opted for iced tea which was deeply infused with mint. I drank a Loomi - a citrus drink that was tart & refreshing but I couldn't breakdown the flavors.

            We shared Pistachio ice cream for dessert.

            The owner told me his family runs the Moustache in the East Village, NYC. My son is familiar with that place & says that it's friendly but not a place for fast food folks. The service in Lambertville was friendly all right - it might be slow, but I'm an old Italian and find food prepared too fast suspect!

            Yeah, Lambertville is a hike for me, but now I have another reason to go - and the place is open early week when the city's not cluttered with tourists. It's currently open 11 a.m. to midnight but the owner said he'd like to be open 24/7.

            Finally, cash only. It's not cheap but we found everything worth every dime.

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              Sounds awesome! I can't wait to try it!

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                I am so happy to hear that they opened one in NJ as well! They are good and they make their pita fresh.Nothing beats a freshly made pita. I LOVE their mint iced tea. That's my favorite.
                I can't wait to go the newly opened one!

              2. I went there the other day with my daughter. The food was wonderful. We got the baba ghanouj and a chicken schwarma. The baba ghanouj was so tasty that we literally scraped the plate clean. It was sprinkled generously with sumac which gives it a slightly citrusy flavor. The pita bread was hot out of the oven, crispy on the outside, and soft and yummy inside. The chicken schwarma was a little on the spicy side, but soooo yummy. We didn't try the falafel, but the couple next to us were Lebanese and they said the falafel was very good. The only negatives were that the service was slow, the appetizer came out at the same time as my entree, and the drinks were just so-so. We got a mint tea, and a lemonade. Neither of them were very flavorful. Despite those criticisms, I would definitely definitely go back. It may become a regular hangout! Oh - one more thing... the prices were very reasonable.