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Jul 19, 2008 07:48 AM

Best bakery in Hendersonville/Asheville area?

I'm turning 40 next weekend and want the best possible cake. I particularly like devil's food and carrot cakes, but am open to any cakey goodness. Any particular cakes/bakeries jump out at you?

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  1. Not sure this is what you're looking for, but we like Cakes by Jane. Click on the Contact Us link for directions. We haven't been to the bakery, but we've had several of their cakes by mail order. Yum-O! :-)

    1. Well Bred in Weaverville comes to mind...also there are the "Worlds Best Carrot Cake People in Asheville" Rumored to be good....

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      1. re: jbyoga

        "Worlds Best" is really really good. IIRC, their vegan option is the tastier, but both are truly superior.

      2. I was googling for cakes and had an epiphany: chocolate cayenne cake. Has anyone tried Morsels?

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        1. re: lisafaz

          The spice-nibby brownies at French Broad Chololates are super crazy good...

        2. If you like carrot cake you must go for World's Best Carrot cake - she does a natural, vegan, organic and a chocolate carrot cake. They are You can order on-line, buy from their shop or at various retail places like Ingles (Merrimon) and Earth Fare

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            I do have one carrot cake concern: pineapple juice. I'm one of those few people who are allergic to it. Does anyone know if she uses it?

            1. re: lisafaz

              I'm sure you could ask and she would tell you based on your allergy. It is a small, family run business and they are very friendly.