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Jul 19, 2008 04:59 AM

Thai festival this weekend

Is anyone going to the Thai Festival at Nathan Phillips Square this weekend? Does Toronto have authentic Thai?

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  1. Coming in from Hamilton: is this Festival worth it? I recently returned from Thailand and am suffering withdrawal of proper Thai food (although there is one decent place in Hamilton)

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      I went to it a couple of years ago - also craving a proper Thai food fix - and I was really disappointed. There was a bit of dancing on stage by some Thai youth which was kind of fun but the rest of it was pretty uneventful. Can't say if it's improved since then.

    2. I did go on Sunday, in spite of the rain and the drive into TO. It was just OK, but I applaud the Thai community for the effort. I signed up for language classes, talked to the Thai travel desk, watched the entertainment (a real wedding!) and tried the food from six stalls. The food was mediocre at best. Is it because it's all "bulk" and mass produced for crowds? THAI MEMORY in Hamilton is so much better -- absolutely and truly. Much more flavourful, and with proper spice. The chef is a recent arrival to Canada from Bangkok. I'll be heading in for lunch today.

      1. I went since my son likes Thai food, so do I but he's 4 and is much easier to satisfy! What was offered was as expected, the usual Toronto versions of Thai food but lowered further by being served buffet style in searing heat, the weather was the most authentic thing about it...but like I said I didn't expect much and the boy was happy to wade in the fountain and eat satays, the real sore spot was Coco Rice charged me $7 for 2 chicken satays and a pile of plain rice?!...and this was after I objected to the original $9...rediculous....

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          I had originally seen the poster in Coco Rice actually, so funny you mention them. Glad your son enjoyed himself. Your review is as I had expected the day would be.