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Jul 19, 2008 03:50 AM

Mark's of Grand Street in Croton?

Anyone ever been here? It's near my accupuncturist's office - bar, pizza, sandwiches, etc. Just wondering how it never know what's behind that door in Chow World...

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  1. we went there for drinks and appetizers about 3 years ago and it was good pub food. You should try the blue pig ice cream shop. It used to be great, now its hit or miss but worth a try. You are not far from capricios II next to blockbuster which has good, basic Italian food.

    1. It is really nothing too special. It isn't called Mark's any more, it is now Friends. They have sliders that are pretty good, but not worth a long drive for.

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      1. re: BridgetC

        Thanks much - we live not too far, so I figured it was worth a visit after my evening accupuncture appt. I don't mind sliders, at all. With appreciation.

        On the ice cream front, I agree Blue Pig's hit or miss. We've been going to the gelato place in Ossining. Has anyone out there tried the supposedly gourmet/CIA trained "ice cream chef" in Peekskill (somewhere down by the station?)

        1. I haven't been to Mark's, but I will recommend Justin Thyme, also on Grand Street (#171). Good bar food and more.

          With regard to the ice cream place near the Peekskill train station. Unless this is very new, the only place I am aware of near the station is serving ordinary hard serve. It was supposed to have very good custard soft serve, but the couple of times I've been there I only saw the hard serve available.

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            I also agree with Justin Thyme, they have good pub food, I have never been to Marks, not ever sure where it is. There is also another place that I haven't tried yet but is supposed to have good pub food and I'm not sure of the name but something with the words Corton and Tavern, there is more to it but can't think of it. It is about 2 doors down from the Ocean House.

            1. re: GIOny

              Haven't been there, but heard good things about it, too. Back when it was Honey's, my dog walker said it was her spouse's favorite local pizza. Will give it a try and report back. I think it's Croton Landing Tavern...

              1. re: Nancy C

                It's called Tavern at Croton Landing. I've been too chicken to give it a shot, also I kind of miss Honey's. Maybe I'll go in and take one for the team this week..

                1. re: marmite

                  lol, you can do it marmite, we're behind you all the way!!

                2. re: Nancy C

                  Last night my mother and I tried out the Tavern. It looks pretty much the same as it did when it was Honey's, as far as I can tell. There were 2-3 couples, and the rest of the tables were families. We opted to start with the fried zucchini, which they were out of so we chose the artichoke fritters. I liked them very much, though didn't care for the heavy, thick ranch dressing that came on the side. For mains, I ordered the sundried tomato pizza with garlic, spinach and black olives. My mother ordered the meatloaf with garlic mashers on the side (except they were out of the mashers too, so she chose fries). We waited, and waited, and waited some more. We saw people who had arrived after us receive their mains. Then a huge loud group arrived, and from then on we couldn't hear a thing above the din. Unreal noise level, and completely unbearable. I asked them to please wrap up our mains which had not yet arrived so we could eat at home in peace. Of course it is such a small place that any noise issues are understandable, and the waitress apologized. All the staff were very pleasant throughout, actually.
                  On to the food itself... my pizza was just eh. It was a good size, I liked the garlic level and the spinach, but far too much tomato sauce- I would have preferred the sauce OR the sundried tomatoes. My cat liked it though. My mother reports that her meatloaf was good but the fries were "gross," (not a word she ever uses) "overcooked/ burned, very thin and basically inedible." She would not return but I probably would with friends, to try out some different dishes.

                  1. re: marmite

                    Oh Marmite, thank you for taking this on. Sorry it was so dissapointing. Should I give it a try (maybe call and find out when's a quiet night??) and see if there's a repeat?

                    1. re: Nancy C

                      Sure, I say give it a shot. The lady at the next table had a yummy-looking quesadilla, and the salads looked good too. Maybe the trick for avoiding the noise is to go for early dinner as opposed to 8, when we went. I'll go early next time.

                    2. re: marmite

                      You really did take one for the team marmite, sorry that was not a pleasant experience for you. If I do try it, I'll make sure to go early. Thanks for the review!

                3. re: ltlevy

                  There was a gourmet ice cream place there, across from the Peekskill station, but it closed after a less than a year. New owners took over and now it is just basic, blah stuff. It is next to the new Brewery.