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Jul 18, 2008 11:38 PM

Belmont Shore Open Sesame...?

How's the food? Do they take reservations? If no, how long is the wait on a sunday evening for a big group?(about 10)
other options for middle eastern GOOD food around Long Beach area?
THanks all!

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  1. Love them! Best Lebanese Kibbehs in town...


    1. I don't know about their reservation situatiion but isn't it a fairly small place?. I think George's Greek takes reservations. They're also good and might be able to seat 10 upstairs.

      1. I don't think they take reservations, but they are opening another location on the end of the block, so we'll see what happens there. Also, you may want to try Magic Lamp. They may be better at accommodating your party size. They have a wonderful sausage appetizer that is not always on the menu...ask.

        1. Open Sesame is one of those established 2nd St. restaurants I haven't been to yet (and I've lived here for 4 years!) because it's always so crowded. Once the 2nd location opens it should help some, but not much because that used to be Steak O Rama and it only seated about 30 people (in booths). Their webpage also lists that they are opening one in Manhattan Village soon too.

          I much prefer George's Greek Cafe on 3rd/Pine in Downtown Long Beach. The one in Belmont Shore I didn't find to be as good when I went with Dommy last year. Maybe it's changed and is better now, but I still prefer the downtown location.

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            Just think, Open Sesame use to be only half that size before. Also, they have opened another location in Pasadena, IIRC. You may also want to try Magic Lamp...they have a great sausage appetizer and entrees as well.