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Jul 18, 2008 10:30 PM

Seattle dining options with pre-teens

Going to Seattle with 3 teens/pre-teens (11,13,14). Parents are foodies; kids can be kind of picky (one is the world's expert on chicken fingers!). We're staying in the Lake Union area so we're definitely looking for a couple of options there. But we're doing the full tourist thing so options near the market, the ballpark, the Space Needle, Alki Beach and maybe Bainbridge Island are also in play. Any help would be appreciated!!

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  1. Pike Place Market would be great because most of the non-sit down/non-table service restaurants have you eat in communal areas--you can each get your own thing. My faves are the Russian perogies at the Russian place and the seafood bisque at Pike Place Chowder. Ivar's Salmon House (Lake Union) is a good option too. Lots of families and great salmon/Northwest experience/views. At Alki, right where the water taxi drops you from the Waterfront, there's a tiny spot called Alki Fish Co. or something (only thing there). Halibut and chips are delish! Last choice for picky kids would be Uwajimaya. It's a big Asian grocery store with an all-Asian food court but the food's way better than your typical food court. Good for picky eaters because everyone can eat at a different place. Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Korean, Chinese. That's in the Intl. District so kinda outta the way but close to the bus tunnel and a good Seattle experience. Hope this helps!

    1. Serious Pie is a Tom Douglas pizza place downtown at around 4th and Lenora-ish. They do some really creative foodie-pleasing combos but have the margherita stand-by that the kids should like. It can be a little tough to get into.