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Clueless about fudge

My BFF has told me that he LOVES fudge - without nuts. I am pretty clueless about sweets - I am more of a savory kind of gal. Any idea where I can buy some fudge - a candy store/ bakery - that is stellar? All input is very appreciated - as his birthday is within a few days!

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  1. Personally I think it's fun to find a place he might not find...but if you run out of luck, there's a whole chocolate creations station at Whole Foods. I actually don't like chocolate very much, and definitely in large amounts, but they have lots of creative items that really intrigue me whenever I walk by. The only other thing I could suggest is call Quack's and see if they've got any. Someone recently posted on another board about some bite-size chocolate cake covered in fudge frosting from Quack's for 50 cents each.

    1. Although I'm not a huge fudge fan, they key is finding fudge that isn't gritty. It has a ton of sugar in it so whatever is done to make sure it's creamy, is what I find appealling. That being said, tori is correct - WF Candy Island at the Lamar store has a ton of different types of fudge. In addition to that, I always see fudge in small towns for some reason. Fredericksburg, Wimberly and Llano always seem to have shops that sell fudge. I have no idea what that's about.

      1. A couple of years ago, I bought fudge for office Christmas gifts at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Round Rock Outlet Mall. They had a lot of different flavors, and it looked really good. I'm also not a big fan of fudge, and I didn't actually eat any of it, so I don't know if it was good! But it was well received by my co-workers.

        1. So far everyone who has replied "isn't a fan". That makes me sad. I could eat my weight in fudge. I guess I'm a little jealous of people who don't care for it.

          I wish I could help you, but I've never bought fudge in Austin. You could consider making fudge for him. It's surprisingly easy. I get requests for it each year when going back home for the holidays, and I'm just using the recipe from the marshmallow creme jar. If you do that, make sure to use semi-sweet instead of milk chocolate.

          I'll keep an eye out for fudge here in Austin. And you've provided me the perfect excuse to try all that I can find. You know, for research.

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            Thanks Steph for your fearless willingness to go forward to find great fudge. I appreciate everyones inputs - thank you!

          2. I happen to love fudge, especially peanut butter and divinity. I think Whole Foods fudge is pretty good stuff, but weirdly enough, I think Calahan's is really tasty. They have some really unique combinations too. Fudge is very easy to make (though it may not set so well in this heat), and would make a good gift.

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              I was worried about the weather too...I remember my grandmother not making fudge or divinity (spelling!) - in the heat or when it rained, although I do not know the scientific reasoning for all of that...thanks!

            2. I really, really, really like Miles of Chocolate available at Central Market. Not quite fudge not quite a brownie...all good

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                Yeah, I was going to say that too, but I'm not a fan of fudge. Wonder what the fudge folks think of it?

              2. I've always liked Tom's Tabooley on Guadalupe near Toy Joy. Nice people and nice fudge. I think that should be their motto...

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                  Thanks Donko....is Guadalupe still messed up with construction - do you know? I switched cars with my BFF, and am driving a massive tank around town, as he drives more miles and my car is the better deal gas wise - so I am a nervous driver!

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                    Speaking as a fudge fan: Miles of Chocolate, yummmm!

                    However, Central Market's own plain ol' fudge is quite good, too. Available with and without nuts. Since they also sell MoC, you could get him some of each and let him enjoy both.

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                      There is a place in Salado that makes homemade fudge that is YUMMMMMMMMy.. I think it is called mudpies not sure..it is also a pottery shop..

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                      kasrq1, I went to the WF at 360/183 to start my fudge tour and they have Tom's Tabooley fudge there. It's a proper fudge... meaning it's not dry, it's super sweet (which is a plus for a true fudge lover), and had only a slight bit of the sugar graininess that chispa mentioned above. (Not enough to spoil the creaminess of it). Also, it had no nuts, so that fits your BFF's specs.

                      It cost $3.16 for four decent size pieces and comes in a clear plastic take-out type container that was in the refrigerated section near where they keep the individual slices of decorated cakes. I think that's a fair price for fudge. But, as far as gift giving, I don't know if the presentation and number of pieces fits your needs. Of course, you could always buy a little more and re-package in something pretty.

                      I see some recs for Miles of Chocolate here. I really like Miles of Chocolate, but from a true fudge fan, I have to say, it has the flavor of a brownie, not of fudge. It's like two completely different food groups to those of us that are into fudge. Fudge is not chocolate. It's made from chocolate, but it just isn't the same.

                      As for the question about making your own in this weather. I still think that's the way to go, economically and for the "wow" factor of going to the trouble of doing it. (Although it's not a lot of trouble). The humidity is a bigger factor in divinity than in fudge. (That's one of the reasons it stays sticky and doesn't set up right). The bigger factor is patience. It needs to reach a rolling boil and stay there as long as the recipe states. Stir it the whole time so it doesn't scorch. (I once stirred my fudge with a spatula, which melted into the fudge. Had to throw the whole batch out. Now I use a wooden spoon.). Scientifically, what's happening to the sugars is similar to what happens when you make peanut brittle and get it even hotter for even longer. (I think. I'm no Alton Brown.) So, if you rush it, it may not set up. (My mom made some once that we ate with a spoon. It was still delicious, just not "pretty").

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                        Thanks so much for the input! I am going to do both - go to WF tmw (I live in Northwest Hills so the 183 locale is pretty close) AND try to make some. I will let y'all know my triumphs, or failures.....he has been with me through a really tough time, and I want his birthday (Sat) to be special! We are going to Trulucks for dinner - not my fave, but his....so hopefully we will have some nice seafood, then, FUDGE!

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                          I'm just now seeing this, so you're already well into your celebratory evening. I hope all went well and you both had an amazing time! I'm sure it did. You can't go wrong with good friends and fudge. (That's gonna be my new personal slogan.) Sounds like he's lucky to have you as a friend as well. Nobody's ever made me fudge for my birthday.

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                        No worries on the construction. I live at 37th and Guadalupe right now and haven't seen any construction on Guadalupe itself.

                    3. Try the often overlooked and under rated candy counter at Breed and Company on 29th street just west of Guadalupe.

                      1. At the downtown farmers market today I sampled the fudge from the Watson Farms - the guy selling bottles and bottles of incredible jellies also, I discovered, sells incredible fudge. Sweet, creamy, fresh, and delicious.

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                          Does anyone here in Austin sell penuche fudge? Its a brown sugar fudge. Its more of a northeastern thing but its soooooo good. I'd love to find some here. Maple fudge is not the same thing though...

                        2. I like making homemade fudge and find most storebought fudge disappointing, with the exception of Fredericksburg Fudge. Maybe you could order some and have it delivered express mail.