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Jul 18, 2008 09:43 PM

Cheesemaking supplies in Denver?

I've got goat's milk galore and I'd like to make some cheese. I can get rennet at Vitamin Cottage but I'd also like to find a press and some molds, and possibly some different cultures.

Are there any cheesemaking supply places in the area? I'd rather buy locally than shop online. (Aside from wanting to spend my cash in town, visiting the shop and talking to people is half the fun.)



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    1. Peppercorn in Boulder? Maybe even the Cheese Importers Warehouse in Longmont? Longshot but maybe The Truffle Cheese Shop or St. Killians Cheese Shop, both in Denver? Worth a phone call.

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        Unfortunately, neither Peppercorn or Cheese Importers have cheesemaking equipment (have begun making cheese myself in Lafayette, and I've checked both!). But would be interested if anyone's come up with any place... I've just been going the Leener's route online, but it's a pain to pay a bunch for shipping when you need a $2-$3 something or other...

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          I hope that Peppercorn and/or Cheese Importers will get the message that there's growing interest in cheesemaking and cheesemaking classes, and that they begin stocking appropriate products.Otherwise, would they special-order for you? Or would What's Cooking right in Lafayette?

          I know that the Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder has a home cheesemaking class on Jan 16, and I think that Frank Bonnano has one coming up soon. Colorado Free University has offered cheesemaking classes in the past, but I'm not sure whether they are right now..

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            Do you have any info re: the Bonanno course? I checked the Osteria Marco website and couldn't find anything. I'd take that just to hear him talk and sample his own cheeses!

            Thanks for the tip on the CSR course too--looks like it's waitlist at this point, and that the cheeses they'd be making are already cheeses I'm comfortable making... but could be good to make the connection. Cheese Importers have been saying for months they're opening a store in Lafayette, and when it actually happens, I'll probably get to know them and feel them out on carrying some basic cheesemaking gear.

      2. Looking online, Beer at Home has 2 stores and cheese-making supplies:



        1. http://www.cheesemaking.com/

          They have lots of different starter cultures for you to target your cheesemaking, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Also lots of info and help for the novice.

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