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Jul 18, 2008 09:36 PM

"All my favourite foods" caterer... (mini mac and cheese, sliders, etc...) -- Suggestions?

I came accross a message on this board that mentioned the above as a fantastic bringer of such things like mini mac and cheese, and sliders...

I would love to find out more about this them, but my google-fu is failing and I am coming up totally empty handed...

I'm getting married in September. We're having a cocktail reception, and this kind of simple comfort food is exactly what we would love to serve.

Any tips on the above, or another caterer that could solve all my wedding food woes?

Thank you great folks of Chow....!

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  1. You need to give us some parameters like size of group, location, price range, dietary restrictions etc. Too general a question, make it specific and then we can help. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

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    1. re: stapler

      Thank you... :) Sorry about that... in regards to details -
      Vegetarian and meat options
      50-60 people
      It's at an old mansion that was converted into a lounge style club.
      Stand up cocktail reception
      Ideally I'd like to do food for 700.00, the dessert table is a seperate budget, and Dufflets will bo doing that
      8:00 reception.

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        I went to a wedding last year at the Great Hall and they had very delicious appetizers... This is the caterer:

    2. I've had apps from Senses and Daniel et Daniel that sound like the yummies that you have mentioned.

      Congratulations btw.

      1. I would try and talk to the Amazing Food Service folks.
        I recall attending an event a while back, catered by them, with "comfort food" theme.
        Very enjoyable.

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          Urban Fare Catering can do anything ...any theme,comfort food,or special requests.....I've used them for years...very professional and them...Miranda

        2. Oh I meant to add that any rest you like can probably cater for you if you approach the chef directly and just ask.

          1. Food Magic Catering. Had both the mini mac n cheese and the mini burgers at a function.