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Jul 18, 2008 08:25 PM

Ideas for South Yarmouth

my family and i will be visiting south yamouth for a few days in august. As a replant in texas i am looking forward to yummy dinners in the area. Fresh fish, good meats, perhaps a good bar. Looking forward to a few nice dinners with the family before heading down south. Any ideas would be appreciated! (we have a car so we dont mind driving to hyannis or other nearby towns.)


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  1. If you are going to be in South Yarmouth and don't mind driving to Dennis, The Ocean House is always a sure bet. Great bar area and so close to the water you'll feel like you are on top of it! Food is excellent as well.

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      I agree, Ocean House is minutes from S. Yarmouth. Great bar too. Roadhouse in Hyannis is said to have good meats. I love Rawbar for lobster and hear they have opened on Ocean St. in Hyannis so go there for sure and share one with a friend.

    2. try the skipper in south yarmouth. nice bar. and the yarmouth house in west yarmouth. the 99 is always fun, too!

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        Both the Skipper and The Yarmouth House often make the lsits of "worst on Cape" or "Places to avoid" so I'd certainly avoid both. In fact, there's a few posts here from those who have been in the kitchen of the Yarmouth House who have said it's filthy condition is deplorable. The 99 is a chain that you could try anywhere in New England and is uninspired pub grub IMHO. Ocean House is one of the best and well worth a visit. Alberto's in Hyannis is terrific Italian. The Brazilian Grille is wonderful if your looking for something a bit different and want a meat fix. There's the new Raw Bar in Hyannis, next to the Ocean Street dock if you want the largest lobster roll to found anywhere on Cape. Enjoy!

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          Sorry Joe, I gotta agree with Cape Cod Guy. Why come to a great spot with great dining and go to a place one can find anywhere (99)? My teen attended a Key Club/Kiwanis meeting at Yarmouth House and pronounced it HORRID.

      2. HI- Recently had a meal at the Grand Cru at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis ( Rt 132). Had the prime rib and it was delicious!!! A large, flavorful, most tender cut I ever had!!! It was pefect!!! Served with potatoe and veggies for 20 bucks. I love to eat and could only eat half of it , it was so large. Husband enjoyed his cesar shrimp salad and lobster bisque! Also had mussels for appetizer. They have delicious frozen drinks Cape Codder Special was my favorite!) . WE ate on the patio,,,,,perfect setting! You do not have to stay at the resort to dine there.