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Jul 18, 2008 08:21 PM

york maine eats friends and I are going to york maine for a few nights for a girls weekend. It's to celebrate our friends upcoming wedding and we'd like to take her to a nice restaurant (seafood/steaks) in the area. There will be 12 of us, some are vegetarians, and some dont eat fish. Please let me know if you have any ideas thanks! (also since i live down in texas if anyone could recommend a place a lunch spot for a great lobster roll)

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  1. There is a new place in the York beach area. Called Blue Sky. Its a little pricey and the past reviews have not been favorable,but I thought i should mention it. Just out of town on Rt 1A there is a restaurant that might fit the bill, ( Take a look at there menu. Other than that there are a bunch of places just north on Rt1 headed into Ogunquit, that would be good for what your looking for. I almost forgot this place in York, ( Not sure that is exactly what your looking for, might be a little fancy for a gathering of Ladies. There is a place called the Barn,right on Rt1 headed north. ( The name on the sign has changed! Also just a little farther north is a place called Jonathan's Its just on the right after the Ogunquit theater. ( Hope this gives you some insight into a couple of places to go. This is the web site for Blue Sky( Good luck, and happy eating. Earle Ct.

    1. Blue Sky is very upscale very good and very expensive. A really great place is Anneke Jans in Kittery- just a stone's throw from York. Bistro with great food, great drinks and excellent service.

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        I would avoid Blue Sky at all costs. My recent experience there was just awful. A combination of overpriced, mediocre food and pitifully poor service.
        Do yourself a favor and make the short trip to Portsmouth and try Pesce Blue. Its not overly creative, but reliably good food with fresh ingredients.

      2. If you can travel up to Ogunquit, Earle's recommendation of Jonathan's is great. Jonathan's is a bit on the romantic side. For something livelier, try the Five-O ( a trendy favorite in town. Jeff, the owner, has accommodated my friends who don't eat meat, and Chef Zachary seems to always come up with something they'll enjoy. For a spectacular view, try MC Perkins Cove ( It's casual, yet upscale, with the ocean right outside your windows. Since Ogunquit is relatively small, you could actually have cocktails there to enjoy the view, and then drive a few minutes down the road to either the Five-O or Jonathan's. And don't forget to stop by the Harbor Candy Shop ( in town to get the bride-to-be a box of delicious chocolates (it's one of my top 3 chocolate stores!). Hope your time in York is fun!

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          recently dined at MC with a big table. was not very good.I was surprised they couldn't properly handle a big table(the timing of all the dishes so they were properly prepared). will go back but only with a small party.

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            Just returned from york beach after a great weekend. We dined at MC Perkins Cove on Saturday night the food was absolutely delightful! I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone interested in a truly memorable dining experience!!!

          2. Here's a sleeper: Chapman Cottage B&B. It's a lovely inn in York Village that has a very good dining room. It's small, and not a huge menu, but it's small enough that I'm betting the chef/owner would accommodate any diets not represented on the menu--although I just took another look, and I think it's got you covered. I've had excellent meals there, and it's a nice setting. And it has parking.

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