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Jul 18, 2008 08:09 PM

A recipe for Miss Grimble's Orange Grimbletorte?

I have been craving an Orange Grimbletorte for nearly 40 years, since I moved away from the Upper West Side. I understand Miss Grimble's still makes this cake, but does anyone have the recipe for it? It has chocolate cake layers, orange cheesecake filling, and the layers are soaked in Grand Marnier. Decadent....

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    1. Wouldn't it be a great adventure to just jump in and have a go at it? Three layers of chocolate cake separated by two layers of orange cheesecake with bitter sweet chocolate icing. I'm not sure I'd want to soak it with Grand Marnier, but brushing it liberally on to cake layers would certainly make a hit. Or perhaps using the Grand Marnier in the frosting? Go ahead. Take a risk.

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        I plan to take everyone's advice. First I will order one (my birthday is coming up) just to remind myself whether it has real grated orange peel in the cheesecake filling, and just how bittersweet the ganache is. And then I will take a stab at replicating it. My only fear is that it isn't as good as I remember it or---heaven forfend--they've stooped to using margarine or some other atrocity in the cake. I look forward to recreating my youth on the Upper West Side!

        1. re: teachertalk

          "My only fear is that it isn't as good as I remember it or---heaven forfend--they've stooped to using margarine or some other atrocity in the cake."
          if that should occur, look at it as an opportunity to create something even better!

      2. Heavens! The Grimbletorte would cost $100 to ship to Virginia! So I will experiment at home. No cake is worth $100.

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          "bal harbour bistro" in miami serves it...maybe you could convince them to give you the recipe...?

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            I think they order it from the Bronx Miss Grimble's establishment. I would love to pry the recipe from someplace. It occurs to me that cheesecake is baked; the filling must be cream cheese frosting rather than cheesecake, right?Hmmm...

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              according to their description and a couple of others i've seen on the web, the filling *is* orange-flavored cheesecake, not frosting.

              i think they bake the cheesecake, bake the chocolate cake, then slice them & assemble the layers to form the torte before enrobing in ganache.

              the recipe you have for the orange baked cheesecake must be the one. now you just need the right chocolate cake recipe.

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                Maybe it's no-bake cheesecake that's spread between the cake layers before it's allowed to set...

          2. I have the cookbook, will look and see if recipe included.

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              You are very sweet to go to the trouble. If you're talking about the 1983 cookbook, I long ago scoured it and there's only an orange (baked) cheesecake in it--no chocolate torte. But that recipe gave me a couple of ideas for the cake filling. I still have the worry that the filling will be more like frosting rather then cheesecake since it can't be baked. I am also considering driving to the Bronx next time I'm in New York! Maybe they would sell me a slice, and I could squeeze some information out of them....

              1. re: teachertalk

                Yes that's the one. I looked, and as you know, it's not there. It sounds awfully good - if you ever crack it, pls post!

                1. re: buttertart

                  OK , being a former New Yawker, I had to try this. I got the Miss Grimble Presents Delicious Desserts book from the library and followed the Chocolate Orange Marbled Cheesecake recipe.
                  I made a 2/5 recipe and used a 7" spring-form pan for the cheesecake.
                  After I trimmed off the top crust (the center slumps plus I overcooked it a little since I didn't adjust the cooking time for the smaller batch. Next time I'll shorten baking time by 15 minutes), I was left with a cheesecake that was about 11/2" tall.
                  Next I used a dark chocolate box cake (OK shoot me) in two 8" round pans and used one of these to cut a layer that was about 1" thick.
                  Instead of Grand Marnier which is indicated according to the Bal Harbour Bistro dessert menu description, I lightly brushed the chocolate layer with orange extract and placed the cheesecake on top.
                  I used melted Giardelli bittersweet chocolate chips and heavy cream for the ganache.
                  This height of this two layer cake is as I remembered and it made it much more manageable for a my novice skills to cut and handle the layers.
                  The chocolate cake and cheesecake layers didn't stay together well when slicing the cake so I may add a thin layer of orange preserves the next time unless someone has another suggestion.
                  The photo doesn't look half as good as the cake tastes. This cake is a winner. Thank you Miss Grimble for the inspiration and the previous posters who led me in the right direction.

                  1. re: Jim52

                    bravo, Jim! it looks delicious to me...then again, i'm always a sucker for a ganache coating ;)

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      This is the description from Bal Harbour Bistro menu (not sure if they are still in business): "The Original Grimbletorte a slice of heaven! layers of chocolate cake and orange flavored cheesecake, covered with bittersweet chocolate icing and laced with grand marnier"
                      Not sure if I am allowed to post recipes gleaned from books here but let me know if needed..
                      PS I think I could eat my shoelaces if they had a ganache coating ;-).

                      1. re: Jim52

                        appreciate the offer, but unfortunately all that gluten & sugar is a no-no for me. enjoy an extra slice on my behalf ;)