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Jul 18, 2008 08:07 PM

Does anyone own a cookbook stand?

If you have ever used a cookbook stand, what did you think of it?

I checked out the one at Williams and Sonoma and it did not look big enough to hold a large cookbook like The Silver Spoon or How to Cook Everything. I have only seen the Crate and Barrel one long online but it looks like it might be better... Anyone know?

If you have any better recommendations than the ones from Williams and Sonoma and C&B, they would be much appreciated!

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  1. Go to a good stationary store or "reader's gift" catalog. They have book stands that are a lot cheaper than "cookbook stands" and are essentially the same thing. I've had mine for years and never had any trouble getting big cookbooks to fit.

    1. I have two of them. One is similar to this - is useful for particularly large books, and if I want to make sure to keep the book clean:

      However, I now have very limited counter space, and my mother bought a smaller metal one, with no plexiglass cover, which is great because it can easily be tucked away. Mine looks like stainless steel, unlike the photos below:

      1. I have a music stand-shaped cookbook holder that I bought for maybe four dollars at TJMaxx or somplace. It's really useful to have the book upright, but it's hard to turn the pages and it doesn't protect from splatters. I've just started acquiring some nice cookbooks, and I don't want them getting as sticky and crusty as some of the ones that, for example, my sister and I used as kids. So, I've been looking at cookbook holders with shields, and I think I'm going with the top-rated one from America's Test Kitchen . ATK said that it holds even coffee-table-book-sized hardcovers. I figure the holder's an investment to protect my other investment, a collection of good cookbooks.

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          I can't access the link to American's Test Kitchen because I'm not a member. Can you tell me which one is top rated?

          1. I have found that a cookbook occupies essentially the same amount of space on my kitchen counter whether it's lying flat or on a stand. Obtaining a piece of plexi-flass from the local hardware store and allowing it to rest on the open book while it's flat on the counter does it for me. It's cheap, it's effective, it's easier to store (sits on edge in the cabinet along with cookie sheets) is easier to clean and I don't have to worry about filling my kitchen cabinet space (which isn't all that extensive) with a bulky item like a book rack.

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                Wow--what a simple solution! I love it.