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Jul 18, 2008 07:19 PM

Ideas for Dallas, with kids and without

Hi! I'm headed to Dallas in a couple of weeks to visit my brother. He's new to Dallas. I am taking my two children, ages 5 and 8. I would love some ideas...both kid friendly and adults only. I'd love to find a special place to take my brother and SIL. I love all types of food. Obviously not planning to eat at any chains if we can help it, though sometimes unavoidable with the kids. So, please save me from chain restaurant hell!! Are there any kid friendly non-chain places? I've never failed to find an amazing restaurant in any city by consulting any suggestions?

Thanks, Gina

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      and also, where are you and your brother from?

    2. We are from Saint Louis. He is currently living in Las Colinas. My bad for not knowing this isn't really Dallas. Sorry about that. I guess he always says Dallas because it gives us all an idea where he is? But, that said, I'm willing to drive for a great meal....

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        First off I have a few suggestions but have provided other web links to get others views of the place, not just mine. Most of the meals I have suggested will be no more than $20 a person with drink and tip.

        Probably for a more adult restaurant in the Irving/Las Colinas area I would highly suggest Temptations on Belt Line and Walnut Hill for Himalayan. All of the Indian and Himalayan dishes are wonderful and I went again for my second try at it and was still impressed. I have attached the recent review from Dallas Morning News and also my initial review. Yesterday we tried the

        For more kid friendly, good Tex-Mex, and affordable that is close to Las Colinas, I would suggest Mercado Jaurez. Don't see many posts about it but it has had solid fajitas and various Tex-Mex dishes for over the 20 years since I have been going. Fresh made warm salsa and tortillas is another reason to go!!
        Northwest Higway just past Luna Rd

        For typical Italian that is not too far away I would suggest Two Guys from Italy. It is your standard American style Italian. Large portions with lots of red sauce. I happen to really enjoy their Minestrone soup (more of a vegetable soup with a few noodles). It has been the same recipe since I have been going there for over 20 years. A bowl and fresh bread (free) will set you back about $4.
        Forest and Webb Chapel.

        If you are looking for more authentic taqueria style places I would recommend Taqueria El Paisano (more adults but kids might enoy it). They only have two meats (fajita and al pastor) and two tortillas (flour (harina) or corn (maiz)). I wrote a review on this place recently. No website, CASH ONLY, and you probably want to go at lunch. With only two meats, there is little room to mess the tacos up. I usually order about 5 -7 coupled with the fresh table salsa they give you with chips it is a meal. Lombardy Ln just past Denton Drive.

        Family Friendly - CASH ONLY - If you want authentic Chinese (well as close as you can get). First Chinese BBQ in Carrollton is actually amongst a neighborhood of taquerias and Vietnamese. I have suggested this place many times but for a view of some of the dishes that either aren't on the menu or hard to find on it, I have left a review on Donna's blog (look at the comments). The roast duck or chicken are always good and they do have stardard Americanized fare that is better than most. I usually skip all of that.

        Very Family Friendly - Good for Chicken Fried Steak or even frid Chicken is Babe's in Carrollton. You can't go wrong here, everything is really that good.

        Family Friendly - Nuevo Leon in Farmers Branch is not too far away from Las Colinas. Goof for more Mex-Mex than Tex Mex. I like the poblano soup and the green mole (eventhough it is not the authentic green mole from Oaxaca


        For the Vietnamese places in Carrollton close to First Chinese BBQ I would suggest Pho Pasteur II and Bahn Mi Ba Hue. Pho Pastuer recently remodled and looks very nice and has kept up the consistancy. Pho is always great, Bun Bo Hue (spicier than Pho, thicker noodles and a little bit of every meat and even blood cake) is good, Bun Cha Hanoi (small bowl of barbecued pork (and supposedly a pork patty) in a savory salty/sweet sauce and comes with a huge plate of greens, sprouts and bun (noodles)) is a new addition to the menu is good but not quite as good as other places say in Garland. Bahn Mi Ba Hue (maybe cash only) is purely a to go sandwhich shop I believe they have about 5-6 meat options. If you buy 5 sandwiches at $2 a piece you get a sixth free. I liked the sausage and thit nuong (BBQed pork). - for Bahn Mi...has a mention of Ba Hue - more on bahn mi in Dallas

        Hope all of this helps

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          Wow!! Thank you so much. What a comprehensive list. I appreciate all the time you took to help me. I can't wait to make some plans!


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