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Jul 18, 2008 07:06 PM

Where to find a CT Style lobster roll (no mayo) around boston?

I just moved to the Boston area a week ago and am craving a CT style( no mayo) lobster roll. I have read many postings to try neptunes and B+G but i prefer a more local type of place. I have a car and am willing to drive an hour or so if its worth it. I just didnt know if anyone out there knows where this ct wonder can be found!!

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  1. I'm sorry, but what do you mean by "local"? Why are Neptune and B&G not local? Am I missing something?

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      Sorry let me clarify. I am not looking for a restaurant. More of a order and sit down or mom and pop type of place

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        While I understand what you're saying, it doesn't get more "local" than Neptune. Boston is not Maine or the RI or CT coast; we generally don't have the shacks of the type you're looking for right in the city.

    2. Yes i understand that is why I am willing to drive a bit out of the city

      1. Just to be clear for responders: it's not just no mayo - it's drizzled with warm butter, IIRC.

        It's a genuinely local thing to southeastern CT. Not here. That's what makes it local.

        1. You might try calling around to see if somewhere might make one for you, they might enjoy the opportunity. For example, Jakes at Nantasket Beach is a pretty comfortable mom and pop type place.

          1. Belle Isle Seafood in East Boston (right at border w/ Winthrop) is an order to go or sit on a stool kinda place that made me a lovely lobster roll w/ no mayo (w/ butter) on my request, while my husband enjoyed the standard w/ mayo roll. Found Bell Isle thanks to another thread here...

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              That's what I'm talking about! I'd also be interested in whether Charlie's Kitchen on Harvard Square would do this.