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Jul 18, 2008 07:03 PM

Seaport area...what would you choose?

After searching the board for recommendations I have narrowed it to these for a pre-concert dinner on a Friday, 6 pm ish.
Doesn't need to be fancy, preferably not too expensive.
What are your favorites of these, and please feel free to add others:

Sorriso Trattoria (South St. near South station...perhaps a bit too far? We'll have a car).
Tamo Bar in Seaport Hotel (menu sounds there a good seating area in this bar?)
Persephone (sounds good but too expensive/crowded/trendy?)
Yankee Lobster
Eastern Pier

These are the places we'd rather pass on:
LTK - last time and it was ok, rather try something else.
Daily Catch - great in the North End but I haven't had good experiences at the Seaport Location
Barking Crab - too crowded, not worth the hassle for mediocre food & service
Anthony's - not my cuppa

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's also Italian at Salvatore's right across the street from the Pavilion. I've only had the pizza there, which was pretty good NY style.

    1. I have had 2 good lunches at Persephone but yes not cheap: not pricey but not bargain basement stuff ...not such a fan of Eastern Pier, perhaps ordered badly but view is great ...also tried 606 Congress ( Schlow offshoot) and really liked the salad ; not so much the burger ..and happy to hear of NY style pizza at Salvatores Will give it a shot

      1. The Seaport Hotel's lobby has undergone extensive renovations and the seating area at Tamo seems large enought for you to be able to get a table at six. Morton's is a short distance away, but more expensive. Yankee Lobster is good, but not a destination spot. I like Lucky's on Congress St. but have a friend who lives in the area and she refuses to go into the place. If you want something really light, you might think about eating outside at the ICA. I think they are open on Friday nights. I had a great lunch at 606 and the dinner menu offers small plates. Enjoy the concert.

        1. Thanks for these suggestions. For some reason I didn't even know about Lucky's, Salvatore's, and 606 Congress. Will check those out. The ICA cafe is another good option. Sounds like we'll have some decent choices after all!