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Jul 18, 2008 07:01 PM

Tipping on a wrong delivery order

This just happened at work. We placed an order which was delivered. The delivery man was tipped. When we looked through the order, instead of lentil soup, there was a chicken and mushroom soup. When the restaurant was called, they apologized immediately and sent over the proper soup. Now... the delivery man is obviously working and looking for a tip, but... the customer has received a wrong order and has to wait until the new, correct order arrives. Should the customer have to add another dollar to his/her dinner bill for the 'priviledge' of getting the correct order? Just wondering what's the norm?

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  1. It happened occasionally in an office where I used to work, and the guys never seemed to expect a tip, nor did we ever offer. We did order from the same place for breakfast and lunch just about every day, but I don't think that would change my opinion. It happens.

    1. I've never had a delivery driver who was bringing a corrected order "look" for a tip in any way. I'd tip on the initial delivery as always, but not on the correction (unless the deliverer did something really special somehow and I really wanted to show my appreciation).

      1. I would tip the delivery man on the second delivery because it wasn't his fault that your order was wrong in the first place. Most of these guys are paid per delivery so if he has has to bring a corrected order he isn't delivering an order for which he could be paid. My feeling is that if I can afford to ask someone to bring me my food I can also afford to tip. Delivery is generally a luxury and luxuries cost money, no?

        1. If a mistake has been rewarded I wouldn't reward its correction.

          1. depends on my mood - but the guy does deserve a second tip - he's doing two jobs, not one. the 2nd is not as big as the first - but even though i do not always do so, i think he deserves it. it wasn't his fault