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Jul 18, 2008 06:31 PM

BBQ 101....Help [moved from Boston bd.]

I am not a BBQ eater.....I do like bbq but do not eat it often. Tonight I ordeed beef end burnt brisket and did not really care for it. All of the sides were delicious but the burnt ends were very dry and tough. I envisioned the outside being burnt and the inside being moist and flavorfull. What is sit supose to tase like? My husbands regular BBQ brisket was delicious as was everything else. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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  1. Dry, tough, crunchy, super-smoky. Sauce it up, or eat plain. It's an acquired taste.

    Here's a good article:

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      Thank You least I know it was not the restaurant. It was me I dont like tough food.

    2. Here in Central Texas if a place serves dry brisket it does not develop return customers. Done properly with a nice, low pecan fire in the firebox, smoked for about 14 hours, my brisket is moist and tender with about a 1/2 "smoke ring" where the meat around the edges gets a nice deep reddish brown. The best places I know serve brisket that does not need sauce. Man do not even offer it. I find that brisket done on too hot a fire, especially mesquite, can be bitter, and brisket that is extensively trimmed has the texture of shoes.

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        That's nice - I liked Baja Oklahoma when I drove through.

        But you never mention the point of the OP, which is Burnt Ends.

        Burnt Ends are the burnt ends of the brisket. The OP said that her husband had the brisket and it was nice and moist, so I would guess that the place knew what it was doing. Burnt ends developed from people taking the ends that were burnt and dry and instead of tossing them, using them for beans and gumbo. But somewhere along the way, they decided that they were good eating - so much so that people now intentionally put pieces of the brisket, other than the ends (especially from the flat), back into the smoker to crisp them up. Burnt ends are not going to be moist and tender - if they were, they wouldn't be burnt ends.

        Now, if you make brisket that doesn't have burnt ends, that's fine - mine are never as done and dry as the burnt ends I've had at some places. But if some people like burnt ends, and a particular place likes to do their brisket to make burnt ends, that's their business. Like I said, it's an acquired taste.

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          Thanks for the info, I guess I will stay from the burnt ends. We have a new BBQ opening close to home will have to try somthing different.