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Jul 18, 2008 05:49 PM

The Rosebud

The Rosebud is up for sale sadly, Chef Bowers hasn't actually cooked there for quite a while spending most of his time at the Citizen.

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  1. how good is your information? my last understanding of the situation was that he was looking for a partner for the rosebud to amass some capital for a third venture.

    1. Apparently just the building is up for sale, and The Rosebud has a long term lease...

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      1. re: thebutcher

        The building has been up for sale for years, Mr Pong still owns it. Rod is all over the map as well. He's getting married this summer and has been speaking openly about mving to New York to follow his new wife to be and her new job, he's never actually cooking at the Rosebud anymore, hasn't for quite some time, just comes in the back, puts on his whites and works the customers so they feel like he was the chef on stove that night. How good is the info? Really, really good without getting any of hisstaff in trouble.

        1. re: trinityvan

          this is very sad. the rosebud has been by far my favourite restaurant in the area. interesting that he's been cooking at the citizen more than at rosebud, since the citizen has gotten more mixed reviews while the rosebud has had a solid reputation. i will miss the lupper especially - not being a fan of sweet or eggy brunches, the lupper was the perfect solution for those of us who wanted a solid midday meal.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. This isnt good news. I think Rodney is great, love his Recipes on Steven and Chris, every one has turned out amazing, and I'm a fan of both the Rosebud and Citizen. I would hate to see him swallowed up in NYC considering he just started making a name for himself here. Hopefully the ole ball and chain isnt to much for him and he will stay in the TeeeOooo. Please dont close the Rosebud.

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          1. re: mlukan

            i posted that rosebud (the business for $299,000) was for sale 2 months ago, but the most was removed for some reason

            1. re: robgm

              I was shooting a wedding in May and Rod was the caterer. He got a big laugh out of the fact that I knew his place was for sale. I think it was news on CH before anywhere else.