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Jul 18, 2008 05:46 PM

Babe's in Frisco open! [DFW]

Just got back from Babe's in Frisco. WOW now I know what all of the buzz has been about. We ordered the fried chicken and the smoked chicken. We had never been to any of the other locations so I don't have a comparison to the other locations, but everything was fantastic! The fried chicken was really juicy with a great crunchy exterior. The smoked chicken had a wonderful flaver and was also moist. The biscuits are to die for, slather some butter and honey on them and the kids were in heaven. However, the word is out on the new location because they had started a waiting list at 5:30 tonight. When we left there were at least 50 people waiting to be seated. Also BYOB is a great addition. I am SO excited that this place is a mile from the house, however my waistline won't be to pleased. Next time I plan on ordering the chicken fried steak.

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  1. Finally! We go to the Carrollton location about twice a year and have been looking forward to the new one, just a short drive from our home. We've never had a bad meal at Babe's. We especially love the chicken-fried steak, the sweet dressing on the salad, the biscuits and the cobbler.

    Did you have any trouble parking?