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Jul 18, 2008 05:34 PM

Best Margaritas in Central Austin?

I'm new to Austin and want to marg my way through town. I love that this place is packed with good food and drink but if I don't start small and basic I'll never figure things out. I know all about Mexican martinis, but let's stay focused here. Margaritas. I need real lime, I need to avoid W 6th, and I need to stay in central Austin. Please help me. I've been to Guero's and Trudy's already, so what's next???

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  1. Tonight I tried Cedar Door. The waitress told me they just got the machine to do their Mexican martinis frozen, so I got one (salted) and was pretty into it. However, they tasted a little mixed-based. Just reporting back.

    1. I do not know if this is central enough for you...but try Jorges on Hancock. (Right off Mopac). Ask them to make it handmade. Enough said!

      1. Welcome to Austin and try to"Keep Austin Weird!" Guero's Taco Bar on S Congress doesn't mess around. Original handshaken, tart and pure. Second best, down the street South Congress Cafe, owned by Trudy's has a frozen varietal that will sneak upon you. Opal Divines is boasting pure agave tequila, agave nector and lime, haven't tried it out yet. Ranch 616 makes a pretty solid one too. Have fun and stayed hydrated in between.

        1. Check out Z Tejas on W. 6th - west of Lamar, (I hope this doesn't fall w/in the area that you need to avoid!). I'm normally not too into frozen margaritas, but I do love their Fruit Infused. A prickly pear margarita is sometimes available, which is really tasty. The shrimp tostadas are a nice accompaniment to the drinks. If you're at the north location near the arboretum, try the cornbread...

          If you haven't tried Baby Acapulco's on Barton Springs yet, you must. It's a right of passage for Austin newcomers. The first time I was there, I had two before needing to go to the bathroom. When I tried to get up from my table, I could barely stand! Some say that the purple ones are the strongest (don't you just love how restaurants in town can still serve a margarita called "Purple"?), but I think that they're all pretty equal...The food is mediocre at best, but at least get an appetizer. It's good to have something solid in your stomach

          Anyways, good luck.

          1. The quest for a great margarita is an elusive one. Personally, I am constantly disappointed by the margaritas served in Austin. The best I have found is at Fonda San Miguel. The best margarita in Texas, imo, is Soluna in San Antonio.